Ping’s G430 MAX 10K driver: 4 things you need to know

Ping G430 MAX 10K driver

The new Ping G430 Max 10K driver.

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Realizing not everyone has the time to consume endless content on club launch day, we’re offering a fresh version of our detailed tech write-ups that hits on the high points. Here’s what you need to know about Ping’s G430 MAX 10K, which is being released on January 25.

A big-time addition

When it comes to drivers, Ping already has a robust lineup with the G430 series that features the LS, MAX, and SFT. But with the new G430 Max 10K, they’re bringing together several key technologies and design features from the G430 family into one to create their most forgiving driver ever.

The G430 MAX 10K utilizes all of Ping’s provent technology to maximize forgiveness Jonathan Wall

“Our new G430 MAX 10K joins the G430 driver family and earns the distinction of being the most forgiving driver we’ve ever engineered,” said John Solheim, PING CEO and president. “The ‘10K’ in the name refers to its record-setting combined MOI that exceeds 10,000 g-cm². It’s a great addition to our G430 driver line, giving golfers another custom-fitting option loaded with innovations. It has a lot of the proven performance of the G430 MAX driver, but differs in several ways from a design standpoint, including a fixed backweight, larger head profile, and a Carbonfly Wrap crown – each contributing to the new level of forgiveness.”

PING G430 Max 10K Custom Driver

The G430 MAX 10K is PING’s straightest and highest MOI driver to date, eclipsing the 10,000 g-cm2 combined moment of inertia threshold first surpassed by the G400 MAX five years earlier.
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What’s on the outside

The first thing that catches your eye when you pick up the new G430 MAX 10k is the size, and then the crown.

The geometry and contrasting crown make the G430 MAX 10k easy to align Jonathan Wall

The dimensions of the driver (front to back and side to side) have been pushed to the USGA limit to boost the MOI. From there, the challenge becomes making a driver with such a large footprint appealing to the eyes. With the help of subtle geometry changes, Ping was able to make the G430 MAX 10k easy to look at — and perhaps more importantly, to align.

Carbon Fly Wrap Jonathan Wall

With great size can come great sound, and to help make the driver sound powerful (and also save a bunch of weight from the larger crown), Ping brought the carbon fly wrap of the G430 LST to the MAX 10K model. This saved a total of 5 grams when fully installed, which allowed weight to be redistributed around the head to help achieve limit-pushing MOI.

Speaking of positioned weight, one thing you’ll notice about the G430 Max 10K compared to the others in the G430 line is the lack of adjustable weighting. That’s because the 28-gram fixed weight in the rear of the club is designed to keep the center of gravity as low and as deep as possible, and when all of this is brought together, you get Ping’s most accurate, forgiving, and lowest spinning 460cc driver to date.

But don’t fret, you still get the full trajectory tuning hosel with a full 3-degrees of adjustability.

What 10K really means

Unless you’re a complete gear nerd, you likely aren’t aware that the maximum allowable measured MOI under the rules of golf is 5,900 g-cm2. Then you’re probably wondering how, if 5,900 is the maximum, Ping can claim their driver is both 10,000 g-cm2 and still conforming. The key is that the 5,900 number only applies to the heel-to-toe MOI, which still gives engineers a lot of wiggle room to boost it from top to bottom.

The larger G430 MAX 10K has Ping’s spinsistency to help control spin rate variation Jonathan Wall

This top-to-bottom stability is what helps a driver maintain a more consistent launch and spin window when hit around the face, and when you add this big boost in MOI with Ping’s Spinsistency face, you can get better and more consistent launch windows.

Take it higher

One special option that Ping is making available to golfers is the G430 HL build, which uses lighter components (a 19g backweight, ultra-light PING Alta Quick 35/45 shafts, and Lamkin UTx Lite grip) to reduce the driver’s overall total weight and swing weight to help moderate swing speed players increase their chances to get a little more distance.

Price and availability

The Ping G430 Max 10k driver is priced at $650 and is now available for preorder through authorized Ping accounts and will be found in stores starting on January 25th.

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