Ping updates popular women’s line of clubs with new G Le3 series

Ping Gle3 woods 2023

Ping has upgraded their women's line with the G Le3

Ping Golf

Ping has always been known as a leader in custom fitting for all golfers, and to continue that legacy they are updating their women’s specific G Le line with the all-new G Le3 family. The ethos of the G Le3 line is to deliver forgiving, lightweight, score-lowering technology engineered exclusively for women.

Ping Executive VP Stacey Pauwels, who oversees the development of all Ping clubs for women, describes the line like this, “The G Le3 family offers a full set of performance-engineered, custom-made clubs that deliver added distance, unmatched forgiveness, a confidence-inspiring look, and a pleasing sound.”


The 2023 Ping G Le3 driver is packed with distance adding technology Ping

To help deliver the best results possible, the Ping G Le3 line, including the driver, has been completely optimized for golfers with swings speeds of 80 mph and less. This is achieved by using premium lightweight shafts and grips to help women with slower swing speeds get more speed, extra launch and longer flying tee shots.

The driver features a fixed heel-positioned back weight for higher MOI and Ping’s trajectory tuning hosel to help dial in launch conditions. When combined with the turbulator crown and Vortec cavity, the G Le3 driver is Ping’s longest women’s specific driver to date.

The driver comes with 11.5 degrees of loft.

The price is $499.99

Fairway woods

The Ping G Le3 feature a maraging steel face and trajectory tuning Ping Golf

The G Le3 fairway woods utilize a maraging steel Face Wrap to optimize face flexing to help reduce spin and make each loft a reliable option from the tee or from the fairway. To go along with the face wrap the fairway woods also use Ping’s spinsistency radius to help shots hit lower on the face maintain a lower and less ballooning ball flight.

When paired with a lower, more forward center of gravity compared to previous generations, the G Le3 fairway woods are up to 7.5 yards longer.

The G Le3 fairway woods are available in 3 (18°), 5 (21°), 7 (24°), and 9 (28°) woods, and are adjustable for lie and loft using Ping’s trajectory tuning sleeve.

The price is $299.99 each

Irons and hybrids

Ping’s new G Le3 irons are lightweight and high launching Ping Golf

With a focus on making sure sets are properly gapped for distance between clubs, the G Le3 irons and hybrids were designed in unison to deliver performance through a transitioning set.

“In developing the line, we made proper gapping a top priority to help ensure women get the best results from their set. We’re confident when custom-fit to the correct set configuration, women will see tremendous benefits from every club in their bag,” Pauwels said.

The irons deliver more ball speed thanks to a lower center of gravity and specific lofts to produce predictable distance gains and gapping throughout the set. Extra forgiveness is achieved with a thinner face than previous generations to help produce more flex and save mass to be positioned about the perimeter. The irons use Ping’s high-density heel and toe weighting system to add even more forgiveness while still maintaining an overall lighter club and swing weight for ease of use.

The irons are available 6-9 with three additional wedges (PW, UW, SW) to complete the set.

It’s important to note that the G Le3 sand wedge has been specifically engineered with the iconic EYE2 sole grind to help make getting out of bunkers and other trouble spots easier.

The Ping G Le3 hybrids go from a 4 hybrid all the way to a 7. Ping Golf

The hybrids carry over the same technologies as the fairway woods, including face flex, and are designed with a progressive shaping to inspire maximum confidence for the golfer and to deliver high launch and distance.

The hybrids are available in: 4H (22°), 5H (26°), 6H (30°), 7H (34°)

The irons are priced at $185 each
The hybrids are $249 when purchased individually or $185 when purchased as part of a combo set consisting of five or more pieces.


The G Le3 putter series include some of Ping’s most popular designs Ping Golf

To complete the new G Le3 line, Ping has redesigned four classic models in honor of Louise Solheim to help deliver performance and build on their reputation as leaders in putter engineering.

All four models have an optimized two-piece Pebax elastomer insert consisting of a soft front with PLD-inspired shallow grooves and a firmer back to ensure the optimal combination of feel, forgiveness, and distance control.

The models include the classic Anser, a new mid-mallet Louise, and the popular Fetch and Ketsch mallet models

All four putter models are built with the new G Le3-specific, pistol-style PP59 grip, distinguished by an updated PU wrap that provides a superior feel and premium look.

All four putter models are priced at $299

2023 Ping G Le3 Series

$185-$499.99 per club
The ethos of the G Le3 line is to deliver forgiving, lightweight, score-lowering technology engineered exclusively for women.

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