Ping Glide ES Wedge Review: ClubTest 2016

May 26, 2016



PRICE: $130
WE TESTED: 56°/ES, 58°/ES, 60°/ES with CFS wedge steel shafts
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The “Eye Sole” is modeled after the Eye2’s concave sole. It joins the wide, standard and thin sole grinds in the Glide lineup.


LOOK: The ES looks like a slimmed-down, souped-up version of the Eye2, right down to the tall toe, narrow hosel and angular stance; rounded leading edge and scooped sole snuggle up to the ball.
FEEL: A powerful, compressed feel on center strikes; slaps the hell out of the sand with a good, thick thud; lighter than many others, but in balance — the slightly soft stock shaft helps you sense the head.
DISTANCE CONTROL: Very forgiving in both distance and direction; keeps its cool in rough and sand, delivering predictable distance and uniform spin.
PLAYABILITY: A low-stress trouble club, true to its roots; the ES doesn’t get hung up in bunkers, and it thrives off-road — puts a lot of weight under the ball to excavate it cleanly from tough spots; sits flat enough to pull off most standard flop shots.


The thin hosel and curved face meet at an odd angle, giving the illusion of offset; some pure feel players want a more distinct impact sensation; playing open-face shots on tighter lies doesn’t always work out.

BOTTOM LINE: Ping fans will enjoy the newest Glide, a modernized take on the company’s classic Eye designs. The ES is an easygoing, playable club that finishes off a set of Ping irons without missing a beat.


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