Ping G30 Hybrid Review: ClubTest 2015

April 22, 2015

Ping G30 Hybrid


Category: Game-Improvement Hybrids
Price: $220
2 (17°), 3 (19°), 4 (22°), 5 (26°), 6 (30°) with TFC 419H graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Internal weight pads tune the CG to fit each club, boosting launch in lower lofts and reducing spin in higher ones.


PLAYABILITY: One of the highest-ranking hybrids in this category; fires off high, straight shots or slight draws from tee or turf; strong trajectory never seems to spin out of control; stands up to tough lies—nimble enough to pick it from tight spots and bunkers, but with the brawn to dive through deep rough.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: The G-series continues its mission of mercy; a dependable, accommodating club no matter how you use it; straight as a string, filters out most sidespin and helps misses bend back toward the target; a true bird(ie) dog—sniffs out flagsticks from long range.
DISTANCE: Solid numbers across the board; doesn’t take much to get the ball moving, and they respond well to a little extra oomph; dependable, graduated yardages from loft to loft—great for someone looking to swap out a bunch of irons; long clubs get great roll off a low tee.
FEEL: Mows through the ball with a crisp pop, then jumps off the face; full, rich impact sound; little to no shock on misses; excellent balance—the G30 head never gets lost during the swing.
LOOK: The G30 is top-tier—about as classic as a hybrid can get; clean, handsome setup looks right at home behind the ball; testers dig the two-tone black crown—the strip along the topline nicely intimates the setup of an iron.


The G30 can be tough to turn on command—not the right choice if you live to curve the ball; a few guys want an alignment aid on the crown; a couple of testers find the feedback lacks variety.

BOTTOM LINE: Once again, Ping’s G-series is one of the top clubs tested. The G30 fits the bill no matter what you want out of a hybrid. It’s stylish, versatile and almost impossible to mis-hit.

BUY THE CLUB: Get your own Ping G30 hybrid

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NEXT REVIEW: TaylorMade AeroBurner Hybrid

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