Our Picks: Best stand golf bags of 2023

These are the best stand bags, considering all aspects of space, weight, design and functionality.


Welcome to GOLF’s 2023 edition of the Best of Everything, where we’re providing you with, well… the best of everything!

Check out GOLF’s picks for the best golf stand bags of 2023, which include the most functional and convenient stand bags we’ve seen all year. These bags range in price from $275 to $410. Treat yourself to the new stand bag you’ve been looking for, or find the perfect gift for a golfer you love.

Here are 10 best-selling stand bags from Sun Mountain, Jones, Ping, Vessel, Titleist, GFORE and more.

These are the best of the best!

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consider these factors

When on the search for your ideal new golf bag you should first consider the following factors: functionality, space, weight and style.

Whether you’re a casual weekend-when-it-works golfer or you’re on the course or range as often as possible, you should invest in a bag that supports your golf lifestyle and personal style.

Perks of a Stand Bag

Your golf bag should suit your golf lifestyle and type of play. If you’re a walking-golfer but still need space for a rangefinder, water bottle and maybe a rainjacket, these stand bags are for you. They have all the space you want and need.
A stand bag needs to find the goldilocks zone of being light enough to carry, but sturdy enough to last through years of wear and tear. Afterall, these are the bags that we’re talking for those long, 36-hole days at walking-only facilities. Stand bags also have the added stress point of the stand itself, so make sure you have one that will hold up.
You can express yourself on the course through your choice in bag style, color and material. Choose a golf bag that speaks to you. Looking for something more traditional or more of a modern looking bag? Check out the choices below which are available in leather, vinyl and waxed canvas.

Below you’ll find various carry bags in an array of styles and materials, available in multiple colors and loaded with the functionalities you need in a carry bag.

Best of golf STAND bags 2023

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These featured stand bags are available in various color choices. Tap the ‘BUY NOW’ button to compare and explore more colors.

Jones Sports Co Trouper R

Jones Sports Co Trouper R – Navy

The Trouper R is our newest and most sustainable golf bag to date. Designed with a versatile single or double shoulder strap configuration, the Trouper R is your ideal companion on the course. A large insulated front cooler pocket has enough space to  keep four 16oz cans cold. The two newly improved fleece-lined valuable compartments and seven-pocket design secures valuables while allowing for straightforward access. A large five-way divider allows for simple organization and an easy pull for all 14 clubs, even with oversized grips. Simply put, the Trouper R delivers an effortless and reliable experience for any player round after round.    Personalize the Trouper R and make it yours today.*Jones does not recommend loose ice cubes in cooler.* The new R-series features a recycled, ripstop material, woven from 100% PET single-use plastic bottles. The most innovative, durable, and water-resistant fabric to date, the R-series supports Jones’ commitment towards a more sustainable future. Tested and proven in the ever-changing climate of the Pacific Northwest.  
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Not only is the Jones Sports Co. Trouper R quickly becoming a favorite for walkers, it’s also got plenty of space to carry whatever you need for your round.

It’s Jones’ most sustainable offering yet, made from a recycled, ripstop material, woven from 100% PET single-use plastic bottles.

Perhaps the best part is the large cooler taking the place of the ball pocket on the spine that can fit four 16 oz cans!

Vessel Sunday III Stand Bag

Vessel Sunday III Stand Bag

Intentionally designed for the walking golfer who carries the bare essentials, the Sunday III won’t weigh you down, allowing you to truly enjoy your walk. Carefully crafted with modern minimalism in mind, this carry bag boasts a refined silhouette with 5 pockets including a magnetic accessories pocket and an antimicrobial valuables pocket. The clean 3-way top fits up to 14 clubs for a full walking round, quick nine or trip to the driving range. Customize your carry with our self-adjusting EQ2 Double strap which easily converts from double to single strap carry. With functional detailing throughout, our Sunday Bag ensures luxury performance every day of the week.
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This golf bag may have the word “Sunday” in the name, but make no mistake, the Vessel Sunday III Stand is equipped to meet the everyday needs of the modern walking golfer.

Weighing in at 4.55 lbs, this double-strapped bag, which easily converts to a single strap, is ideal for the player who carries it every day, while still having plenty of room with five pockets.

Vessel Player IV Stand Bag

Vessel Player IV Stand Bag

Reengineered from the base up for an uncompromised game, the Player IV is the next generation of our best-selling Player Stand. Refined feature upgrades include: increased beverage storage, purposeful pockets, and an internal base divider to keep grips separated for effortless club retrieval. The Player IV utilizes VESSEL’s patented technologies (Equilibrium Double Strap and Rotator Base) for maximum balance and superior stability. Intentionally placed high strap-attachment points promote further balance and eliminate club fallout while the bag is being carried. The Player IV is a full-featured stand bag that delivers elevated functionality. Handcrafted with top-end materials and a clean silhouette so you can look and play your best. *The Player IV 14-way best accommodates standard iron grips.
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Vessel is a big player in the modern luxury golf bag trend and the new Player IV Stand is the most refined version yet.

Constructed from tour-grade synthetic leather, the Player IV Stand comes in both a six-way top and 14-way top to fit your preferences (we suggest the 14-way top for riders).

While this bag is on the heavier side, coming in just over six pounds in the six-way variant, it’s still manageable to carry every day thanks to Vessel’s patented technologies (Equilibrium Double Strap and Rotator Base) for maximum balance and superior stability.

Sun Mountain 2.5+ Stand Bag

Sun Mountain 2024 2.5+ STAND BAG

Designed for the avid walking golfer, the 2.5+ redefines the features that can be offered in an ultralight golf bag. It has contoured, high-density foam shoulder straps for carry comfort, a roomy, 7.5” top and six pockets including a beverage pouch. All of this and it still weighs under three pounds.

Comfy to carry, avid walkers will love this bag. At just under 3 lbs., this is the lightest bag on our stand bag list and has a 4-way divided top, allowing for a well-organized club assortment. The 2024 2.5+ bag is extra spacious and super light, durable and sleek.

You’ll have plenty of room for your clubs, rangefinder, drinks, and any other golf accessories you bring for your round. See this bag in more colors here.

This bag is also featured in our picks for the best carry bags of 2023.

Sun Mountain Mid-Stripe

Sun Mountain Mid-Stripe Dual Strap Stand Bag

The patent-pending, Mid-Stripe Stand Bag is a vinyl golf bag manufactured with care and modern style. We combined the tradition of vinyl with the features Sun Mountain is known for such as a bag top with a built-in handle; durable, easy-to-operate leg system; and ample pockets, including a double velour-lined valuables pocket.

When I decided I was ready to purchase a more luxury-minded bag, designed to last me several years, I went with Sun Mountain’s new Mid-Stripe collection.

This is Sun Mountain’s latest and most notable entry into the luxury bag space, and it’s a hit with an array of bright colors and durable vinyl material.

The bag is currently offered in nine color combinations, with more on the way, and several variations including the slimmer and lighter Mid-Stripe Ace (my personal bag of choice), a cart bag and a number of matching accessories. The bag styles can be customized further between a 4- or 14-way top, a double or single strap and a custom metal plate with a logo or initials.

Ping Hoofer

Ping Hoofer

Making this new Hoofer more user friendly than ever is an innovative new bottom that reduces club tangle by guiding clubs to the correct segment and keeping clubs separated while carrying. There’s also a new slimmer, stacked pocket configuration for easier access, a larger ball pocket, and flexible storage with 16 pockets. The re-designed bag top makes for easier handling, and with nine bold colorways, golfers have lots of choices.

A staple for the walking golfer, it’s no wonder the Ping Hoofer is the choice of high school and college golf teams everywhere.

A timeless and lightweight design that has been updated and refined over the years, the latest hoofer has a five-way top with a new bottom that reduces club tangle by guiding clubs to the correct segment, making it easy to pull out the club you want and the club you don’t too.

The Hoofer comes in 10 colors.

MNML MV2 Golf Bag

MNML MV2 Golf Bag

The MV2 Golf Bag is truly innovative and unique. We’ve reengineered the side pockets and ball pockets to create wider openings and more storage. The lightweight microsuede material has MV2 coming in at 5.5 lbs. It features insanely comfortable backpack-style straps and comfortably carries 14 clubs. Whether you’re playing 9, 18, or 36 holes, stay charged, hydrated, tread lightly, and record/share your experience by adding on the tech kit.

Another entry into the luxury bag space, the MNML MV2 might be the most unique one of them all.

Made from a lightweight microsuede material, the MV2 comes in at 5.5 lbs and offers the ability to add a phone charger directly into the bag.


Titleist LINKSLEGEND Members Bag

The LINKSLEGEND Members Bag features a premium finish and offers excellent organization, generous capacity and unmatched style featuring significant enhancements throughout the bag. A distinctive combination of modern amenities and a classic look makes for an exceptional carry. Golfers will appreciate the versatility of single and double strap options, a new pocket configuration and a new top cuff with an integrated handle.

A modern take on the classic leather bag from Titleist, coming in at 5.3 lbs, the Titleist LINKSLEGEND Members bag is perfect for anyone who wants to stand out at their course.

Thanks to 4-way full-length dividers and a refined arrangement of the six pockets, this bag is possibly even more functional than it is striking.

GFORE Daytona Plus Carry Bag

GFORE Daytona Plus Carry Bag

Our best-selling carry bag features a 4-way top designed with a velour lining for maximum club protection, a rotator stand system for maximum stability, a self-adjusting convertible strap for automatic equal distribution, and a compression molded neoprene back panel for comfort. The Daytona Plus features elevated grosgrain detailing and quilted panels, plus a self-coloured rain hood, and an umbrella holder. It’s also equipped with several pockets, including a large garment compartment, water resistant pocket for personal items, cooler-lined water bottle sleeve, magnetic velour-lined rangefinder pocket, and a pen pocket. Weighs 5.75 lbs.

All the attention to detail and craftsmanship that GFORE puts into their popular golf shoes, they also put into their golf bags.

The Daytona Plus features a velour lining for your clubs, letting them slide in and out with ease.

Stitch SL2 Fadeaway Golf Bag

Stitch SL2 Fadeaway Golf Bag

Designed using STITCH® Touring Fabric, a proprietary product used in STITCH® bags that has the strength of leather, but is more durable, lightweight and water resistant. The SL2™ has the versatility of an interchangeable single and double strap with the convenience of a stand. This super light bag weighs just over 4 lbs. and combines styles and functionality. Equipped with one full length apparel pocket, a golf ball pocket, a pocket lined with felt for valuables and one insulated for a beverage, the SL2™ provides ample storage for your round. A 4-way top divider completed with lift-assist handles ensures you have an effortless day on the course.

One of the innovators of the luxury bag market, the Stitch SL2 is the latest take on the uber-popular original.

Easily convertible between a single and double strap, the SL2’s 9.5 in x 7.5 in top makes it one of the easiest bags to carry on the market.

And now, you can customize your SL2 with the popular MIY SL2 program coming to the double strap model for the first time.

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