Odyssey O-Works Putters: First Look

January 9, 2017

With their new O-Works putters, the folks at Odyssey believe they have a technology that can improve roll, regardless of your stroke’s attack angle into the ball.

Small stainless steel protrusions (angled downward) on the face insert “hinge” at impact to lift the ball and reduce skidding for a true topspin roll. There’s also a thermoplastic elastomer layer to sweeten feel, and Versa alignment technology (red lines have been added to the black-white visual cue) to improve aim.

The O-Works series includes blade styles (#1, #1 Wide and #2), mallets (2-Ball, #7, #9, R-Line), and a pair of counterbalanced options (#1 Tank and #7 Tank) for players who need extra stability. Standard grips are SuperStroke’s Slim 2.0 and Pistol GT Tour, both with CounterCore technology, and the SuperStroke Tank. $230; in stores February 17, 2017.