Nike Vapor Fly Pro Irons Review: ClubTest 2016

March 11, 2016



CATEGORY: Game Improvement Irons
PRICE: $900, steel
WE TESTED: 4-PW with True Temper XP 95 steel shafts
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The slimmed-down Pro has hollow long irons, deep pocket cavity mid-irons, and traditional cavity-back short irons.


PLAYABILITY: Shades toward a player’s club — medium flight with high-end control; it goes down and gets the ball without diving in; long irons pack plenty of muscle with none of the bulk.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Ease-of-use is up there with many of the larger cavity irons; its hallmark is accuracy — a straight club that takes big curves off the table; adept at absolving thin and heavy contact; sole works well in a broad range of conditions.
DISTANCE CONTROL: Regular, repeatable numbers; capable of carrying trouble on sketchy contact; excellent on in-between shots — redline spin puts you in attack mode.
FEEL: A rubber-mallet sort of feel, springy without being jumpy — to some, the ideal game-improvement impact; great balance and heft, instantly familiar in the hands.
LOOK: Sleek, stealthy and modern; long, slender head with nearly zero offset sits nicely behind the ball; a meaner, better-player look than its sibling, the Vapor Fly.


The black finish wears quickly; looks a little too Millennial for some testers; requires — and rewards — a quality swing, and it’s not the longest iron around.

BOTTOM LINE: The harder-nosed of Nike’s two models, the Vapor Fly Pro‘s all-around versatility and precision accuracy make it a top performer. A solid choice for anyone looking to leap from the 80s to 70s.


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