Nike Engage Wedges Review: ClubTest 2015

May 12, 2015

Nike Engage Wedge


Category: Wedges
Price: $120
Square sole: 56°/9°, 58°/9°; Toe Sweep sole: 56°/9°, 58°/9°; Dual sole: 58°/13°. All with True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 steel shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The second-generation Toe Sweep has a wide toe and narrow heel so the club can be laid open at address and stay open through impact.


PLAYABILITY: The Toe Sweep grind picks up a lot of fans among mid- to high-handicappers—it’s automatic out of bunkers; the Dual sole gives players more finesse—it’s nuanced enough to handle most situations; very high natural flight, especially with the Toe Sweep version.
DISTANCE CONTROL: All models add a measure of consistency from the rough, and don’t get bogged down by bad lies; the Toe Sweep is as intuitive from the sand as any club—swing harder, and the ball goes farther; the more versatile Dual sole is as locked in as your swing.
FEEL: A muscular, head-heavy design that’s dense on center strikes; the Toe Sweep, which features a radically contoured sole and trailing edge, reduces drag in fluffy sand and hairy situations; all models are stable in the rough; feedback is useful, though the head seems to filter out some of the information.
LOOK: Rustic, and quickly rusty—all models have a raw finish, which makes for a prototype sort of vibe; all three styles have a longish blade and a rounded leading edge; the distinctive sole grinds and rear give them a futuristic edge.


Unfinished appearance doesn’t agree with everyone; the Toe Sweep is a one-shot wonder, the Dual sole can be temperamental through the ground, and the Square sole doesn’t distinguish itself from others.

BOTTOM LINE: Kudos to Nike for creativity—with different grinds and a distinct look, our testers are curious to see what they’ll do next. The Toe Sweep is a one-wedge cure for your fear of sand.

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NEXT REVIEW: Ping Glide Wedge

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