New Titleist Vokey Wedges and Scotty Cameron Putters

January 26, 2016

The new Vokey Design SM6 wedges ($149 each) feature a progressive center of gravity design that lines up the CG with the ideal impact area of each loft. The result is more precise control of distance and trajectory as well as improved feel at impact.

The low loft models have a low CG that increases ball speed and distance and feature a thinner topline and raised area in the lower portion of the clubhead. The mid loft models have a mid CG location for improved distance gapping while the high loft models have a high CG location for improved trajectory control.

Other features of the new Vokey Design SM6 wedges include new TX4 machine-milled grooves with parallel face texture that improves spin consistency. Lower lofted models (46º-54º) feature a narrower, deeper version of the groove while the mid and higher lofted models (56º-62º) feature a wider, shallower groove design. There are also five unique sole grinds (L, M, S, F, K) offered to precisely fit player swing types to turf conditions. Tour chrome, steel gray, and jet black (raw) finishes are available.

Vokey Design SM6 wedges will be available at retail on March 11th.

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The new Scotty Cameron Select putters ($379, standard, $399, Dual Balance) feature three multi-material constructions aimed at optimizing performance for each putter style. Regardless of design, each Select putter is built with a face inlay technology for a soft, solid feel and improved feedback at impact. Unlike many putter face inserts the Cameron face inlay wraps around the sole of each model to be nearly invisible at address.

The Select Newport, Newport 2, and Newport 2.5 models feature a precision milled 303 stainless steel inlay that’s connected to the body with a vibration dampening material. This combination yields a responsive feel with plenty of feedback.

The Select Newport 2 Notchback, which is built with a notched flange, features a 6061 aircraft grade, gunmetal gray aluminum inlay. The inlay is connected to the stainless steel body of the putter with a vibration dampening material that enhances sound and feel while also moving more weight to the perimeter of the clubhead to improve MOI and forgiveness.

A Select Newport 2 Notchback Dual Balance model is also available for those who want maximum stability in their stroke. The Dual Balance features a 50-gram heavier head than the standard models and 50-gram counterweight in the end of the shaft.

The Select Newport M1 and Newport M2, which are mid mallets, also feature a 6061 aircraft grade aluminum inlay that’s connected to the body of the club with a vibration dampening material. The face and sole of each clubhead is one solid piece of aluminum that includes the face inlay. These models have significant weight located in the perimeter of the clubhead for a higher MOI and are aimed at players who prefer to make, “straight back, straight through,” putting strokes.

Scotty Cameron Select putters will be available at retail on April 8th.