New Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

June 21, 2016

The new Soft Feel ($19.99/dozen) from Srixon, now in it’s tenth generation, is aimed at players who have moderate swing speed but desire a softer golf ball. The prime feature of the new design is a softer, lower compression energetic gradient growth core that’s 12 points softer than the previous model. The result is a softer feel on full shots without a sacrifice of overall distance.

A new ionomer cover is 11% thinner and 5% softer than the previous model, providing improved greenside spin, feel, and overall performance. The impressive package is further aided by a new speed dimple design with 324 dimples that provide a more boring ballflight and distance.

A new Soft Feel Lady ($19.99/dozen) is also available with all the same performance and technical features as the standard model but with a slightly higher launch on full shots, which benefits players with slower swing speed. The standard Soft Feel comes in white and yellow while the Lady is available in white and pink.

Both Soft Feel models will be available at retail on July 29th.