New Nikon COOLSHOT Rangefinders

October 6, 2016

Nikon’s two new COOLSHOT rangefinders, the 80i VR ($449.95) and 80 VR ($399.95), both feature the company’s VR (optical vibration reduction) Technology, which compensates for hand movements during use.

The result is two models that remain stable regardless of conditions, stabilizing the laser and making it significantly easier to lock onto the target consistently. The technology works automatically once the ranging button is depressed and can scan continuously for approximately eight seconds or produce an almost immediate measurement in less than a second utilizing Nikon’s Hyper Read technology. The range of both models is 8-1000 yards, which is displayed in .1-yard increments.

Two other important technologies included in both new models is Locked On Technology and First Target priority mode, which allow for accurate measurements when multiple objects like trees, bushes, or buildings, appear in the rangefinder along with the flagstick. In these instances a “Locked On,” sign indicates the measurement is to the distance of the closer target.


Other notable features include 6X monocular for clear images, Incline/Decline technology to compensate for slopes, and a rubber coating for waterproof performance and battery protection.