New Callaway Chrome Soft, Superhot 55 Golf Balls

January 19, 2016

Following the success of the original Chrome Soft model Callaway continues down the premium, soft and long road with the newly redesigned Chrome Soft ($39.99/doz.) and Superhot 55 ($27.99/doz).

Aimed at a wide variety of players ranging from high handicappers to Tour pros, the new Chrome Soft takes the performance of the original to a new level with a 4-piece design that provides even more shotmaking control. A significant part of the new construction is a dual core with a very soft inner layer and firmer outer layer that work together to create more speed at impact while being easy to compress for any type of player.

This change also helps reduce spin rates on long clubs for even more distance. A Tour-quality urethane cover (the same as on the original) provides soft performance around and on the greens while Callaway’s unique HEX aerodynamics maintain outstanding stability in a variety of weather conditions.

The Chrome Soft is available in white, optic yellow, and Truvis colors.

Joining the Chrome Soft is the new 3-piece Superhot 55 golf ball, which features an extremely soft 55 overall compression for a very soft feel and long distance on all clubs in the bag. The Superhot 55 is also designed with a soft mantle layer and soft Surlyn cover that work together to lower spin rates for reduced hooks and slices. The soft cover also provides improved short game performance around the greens.

Both the Chrome Soft and Superhot 55 golf balls will be available at retail on 2/5/16.

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