FIRST LOOK: Miura’s new MC-502 forged irons pair performance with playability

Miura MC-501 MC501 irons 2023

Miura MC-502 forged irons.

Ryan Barath

In the world of single-piece forged irons, refinements take time, and with the launch of the MC-502, Miura’s engineers believe they have created a worthy replacement for the longstanding MC-501. (Miura is an affiliate of

Miura’s new MC-502. Ryan Barath

The newly reengineered MC-502 brings together the looks and performance of a blade with the playability of a smaller forged cavity-back iron.

What separates the MC-502 from the previous design is less offset through the entire set along with a more rounded top line and toe profile. By combining these characteristics, it creates a compact, easy-to-align iron that inspires confidence at address.

MC-502 7-iron from address. Ryan Barath

“While the MC-501 proved that forgiveness was attainable in a blade iron without compromising performance, the MC-502 shows that Shinei Miura was able to incorporate subtle design enhancements to meet the discerning needs of better players,” said Miura Golf’s COO Bill Holowaty.

The MC-501 soles feature more camber for improved turf interaction. Ryan Barath

When talking about a smaller compact iron, the idea of playability takes on a different role in the conversation as the target golfer looks at small details of the design to help distinguish it from others. When Miura designed the MC-502, turf interaction was top of mind to help the modern player; the sole design offers more camber (roundedness from the leading to the trail edge) to go along with Miura’s recognized Y grind to the leading edge.

The pitching wedge of the MC-502 has the highest muscle pad. Ryan Barath

A distinguishing feature of the Miura’s MC line that continues with the 502 is the channel and notches along the back muscle of the head. Beyond just looking cool, the practical purpose of this design aesthetic is to remove mass from areas of the head where it is least effective and push it lower toward the sole.

MC-502 Pitching wedge from address. Ryan Barath

This allows the iron to maintain its small appearance while still being more forgiving than a standard blade-style design. The weight also shifts through the set to help increase launch with the longer irons and to control trajectory with the shorter ones.

Price and availability

The MC-502 irons will be available 3-PW for $350 per iron, and are available for order now at

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