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Use this baseball motion to strike your best irons ever

December 13, 2017

Balance, footwork and coordination are physical assets that benefit athletes on any field. More specifically, the moves required by a baseball pitcher to hit 90+ on the radar gun are the same that can help you smoke your irons. Here’s how.

1. Take a middle iron and swing it back using a pitcher’s windup, rotating your torso away from the target and raising your left knee until your thigh parallels the ground. That’s the stability and pressure you want on your right leg at the top.

2. Plant your left foot on the ground, then start to bring the club back down. If you do this sequence out of order (arms first, lower body second), you may fall over, which is one of the things that makes this drill so good.

3. Continue to swing through. Your goal with this drill? To shift at least 75 percent of your pressure to your lead leg by the time your left arm is parallel with the ground on the downswing. Finish in balance and with your weight forward. Perfect strike!