Limited sets of Adam Scott-designed Miura AS-1 irons still available

miura adam scott irons

You can still get a set of Adam Scott-designed Miura irons.


You might never be able to hit a golf ball as precisely as 2013 Masters winner Adam Scott, but it never hurts to strive for something.

And if you really want to play like Scotty, you might fancy yourself a set of clubs he helped design to meet his own specifications.

A set of prototype Scott-designed Miura irons surfaced in the 14-time PGA Tour winner’s bag in the summer of 2022 and while player-specific proto irons rarely make it to retail, Miura and Scott have partnered to release the Miura AS-1 signature irons to the public. And there are still limited sets available.

Miura AS-1 Custom Irons

Adam Scott set out to find an iron that fit his “Golf DNA,” – a club inspired by the past but built for the modern player. That search ended in Himeji, Japan with Miura.

Outside of Tiger Woods’ TaylorMade P7TW irons, custom, player-designed irons tend to remain Tour-only products for a few reasons. They’re expensive to mass produce and are sometimes made from materials that aren’t easy to source.

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By: Sean Zak

However, Miura has found great success with limited offerings of their world-famous forgings. Earlier this year, Miura collaborated with Greyson Clothiers for the “Samurai Wolf” which included a custom set of MC-502 QPQ Miura irons featuring the Greyson wolf logo.

Scott, a known gear-head whose equipment exploits were recently profiled in the March edition of GOLF Magazine, went to great lengths to bring these Miura irons to life. He traveled to Himeji, Japan, to meet founder Katsuhiro Miura and get a closer look at how his irons are constructed. He even took a spin on the grinding wheel during the visit.

Scott prefers the look of additional offset in his irons. Jonathan Wall/GOLF

“Going in [the Miura factory], there is a huge appreciation for what he does and all the irons he’s created, even some not branded Miura over the years that great players have won huge championships using,” Scott said. “So to be working with someone so knowledgeable and understanding and also willing to take the feedback and produce an iron that he approves of but also has all the features that I am looking for.”

After a thorough testing process by Scott in competition, the irons were originally released last spring to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of his 2013 Masters win. However, extremely limited sets of the Miura AS-1 irons are still available and sell for $3,750. Each set comes in a commemorative box and a certificate of authenticity.

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