Fully Equipped mailbag: What are the ideal launch and spin numbers for your irons?

ideal iron launch and spin numbers

The numbers below will give you a good idea of where you stand with your 6-iron.

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Welcome to another edition of the Fully Equipped mailbag, an interactive series in which our resident dimplehead (a.k.a., GOLF’s managing editor of equipment, Jonathan Wall) fields your hard-hitting gear questions. 

We know the ideal spin and launch numbers for a driver but are there similar ones for irons? — David Rhodes

Before I dive into this question, it’s important to note that “ideal spin and launch numbers” are going to differ from one golfer to the next. That’s why’s sister company, True Spec Golf, estimates a preferred range of launch monitor parameters. And even in some cases, a golfer will find success outside of the “normal” ranges. It happens.

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But you’re not here to listen to me drone on about how each golfer is “different and unique.” You want some cold, hard numbers. When it comes to testing, True Spec relies on “Launch Monitor Preferred Parameters” with a 6-iron to establish a baseline. If the numbers fall into the range, fine-tuning dispersion could be the next step. Anything well outside the range would likely require a closer look and maybe an adjustment or two.

If you’re in the market for something new or simply want to know how your 6-iron stacks up to the preferred range, go ahead and take a look at the numbers below. Just remember not to panic if you’re higher or lower than the suggestions.

Always get a certified club-fitter involved before taking action.

“Very Fast” swing speed (more than 92 mph with the 6-iron)

  • Launch: 14-16 degrees
  • Spin: 5600-6000 rpm
  • Peak height: 100-120 feet
  • Angle of descent: 46-50 degrees

“Fast” swing speed (84-91 mph)

  • Launch: 15-17 degrees
  • Spin: 5300-5750 rpm
  • Peak height: 87-100 feet
  • Angle of descent: 43-47 degrees

“Average” swing speed (75-83 mph)

  • Launch: 15-18 degrees
  • Spin: 5000-5500 rpm
  • Peak height: 70-86 feet
  • Angle of descent: 41-45 degrees

“Slow” swing speed (65-75 mph)

  • Launch: 16-19 degrees
  • Spin: 4700-5250 rpm
  • Peak height: 58-70 feet
  • Angle of descent: 38-42 degrees

“Ladies” (less than 65 mph)

  • Launch: 16-19 degrees
  • Spin: 4400-5000 rpm
  • Peak height: 45-58 feet
  • Angle of descent: 37-41 degrees
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