Copy Daniel Berger’s four key iron moves

September 20, 2017

The 2015 rookie of the year lit it up this season on mid- and short-range approach shots. Copy his key iron moves (courtesy of his coach) to snipe your way to more greens and birdie chances.

1. TURN & TILT Notice that while Daniel’s belt buckle and chest face the target fully, his shoulders remain tilted down toward the impact zone. This is a huge key for consistency. As you can guess, it takes a modicum of flexibility. Get stretching!

2. MIND THE LINE Daniel does a great job of extending his arms down the target line after impact. Not only does this ramp up his power, it makes him deadly accurate, even with longer clubs.

3. NAVEL MANEUVER Daniel’s big mistake—and he doesn’t make it very often—is coming down too steeply and “flipping” his hands at the ball. He avoids this by keeping the grip pointing at his belly throughout impact. Works like a charm.

4. TOE UP As Daniel extends his arms, they naturally come together (see how close his wrists are to each other?). This makes it much easier to rotate them in the follow-through. Elite ballstrikers get the toe of the club to point straight up by the time the shaft is parallel with the ground.