3 simple iron-buying tips from a trusted clubfitter

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Kris McCormack knows of thing or two about buying new irons — and getting them fit to maximize your performance on the course.

As the Vice President of Tour and Education at GOLF’s affiliate company True Spec Golf, McCormack is a leading expert in clubfitting and has been a part of thousands of custom fittings in his career.

Below, McCormack offers up three essential tips for golfers that are in the market for new irons so you can make the most of your upcoming purchase.

1. Manage Spin

Spin is your friend. It’s what gives you that control component to keep the ball in the air — and in play. Too much spin is just as bad as not enough.

Fully Equipped: 1 of golf’s most brilliant minds offers sage advice on clubfitting
By: Martin Chuck

Finding the right spin for your game is part of the equation when you’re trying to find the best ballflight for your game.

Many of today’s irons are stronger lofted, but, with a low and deep center of gravity, it’s possible to get the right spin with a playable flight.

2. Go-To Launch

Make sure you get the ball in a launch window that produces an apex height that maximizes carry but still produces a landing angle that gives you enough control and stopping power coming into the green.

A fitter can help you figure out the best launch for your game because it really depends on how fast you’re swinging the club.

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3. Control Your Gaps

This is essentially justifying a spot for every iron in the bag. There might not be a necessity to play a 3-iron or even a 5-iron if the distance gapping isn’t appropriate.

When you start testing each club — and you should — the carry-yardage loft gaps between each iron need to be appropriate. The average male has a gap of about 8 to 12 yards. If it’s bigger or smaller than that number, it might be time to take a closer look before you buy a full set.

Want to overhaul your bag for 2022? Find a fitting location near you at GOLF’s affiliate company True Spec Golf. For more on the latest gear news and information, check out our latest Fully Equipped podcast below.

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