Tour Edge announces new tech-heavy HL4 hybrids and iron-woods

Tour Edge HL4 hybrid and iron-wood.

Tour Edge has been one of the leaders in hybrid technology for well over a decade and the tradition continues with the new HL4 hybrids ($119.99 each graphite) and iron-woods ($79.99 each steel, $89.99 each graphite).

The HL4 hybrid features cup face technology, which along with a VFT (variable face thickness) design yields added ball speed across the entire clubface including shots struck away from the sweetspot. In addition a high-toe, low profile shape and low CG location not only further increases forgiveness but also promotes easier launch and carry distance from a variety of lies. The HL4 hybrids will be available in 19, 22, 25, and 28-degree lofts with UST Mamiya graphite stock shafts.

For players who want a long-iron replacement but prefer a more iron-like design the new HL4 iron-wood is an alternative option to traditional hybrids. Designed to work as a full set (available in 18, 20, 23, 26, 29, 32, 36, 40, 44, 49, 54, 59-degree lofts) or as long or mid-iron replacements the new iron-woods feature a hollow body design with forged face insert.

The Tour Edge HL4 hybrid (left) and iron-wood at address.

The design, which also includes enhanced perimeter weighting and a new rear inverted crown technology for a lower CG and higher launch angles, works with a power channel in the sole to increase face flex, COR, and distance, particularly on shots struck low in the clubface. Stock shaft offerings include KBS Tour 90 steel and UST Mamiya graphite.

The folks at Tour Edge are also doubling down on custom fitting with plans for over 750 fitting centers in the U.S., all of which will feature HL4 custom fitting equipment. A 48-hour guarantee of delivery on custom fit orders will also be standard, promising all orders entered by 2:30 PM CST will be shipped to any continental U.S. state in 48 hours.

John Claffey, Tour Edge vice president of marketing comments, “We are aggressively marketing the message that every golfer should be getting custom fit, and that it is especially mid to high handicap players who have the most to gain by getting fit. Our goal is to open the flood gates on custom fitting and HL4 has proven to be the perfect product to accomplish this goal with its advanced technology, top-tier performance and amazing price structure.”

All HL4 clubs will be available at retail on August 1st.

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