ClubTest 2017: Honma TW737 UTc hybrid review

April 17, 2017

CATEGORY: Better Player Hybrids

PRICE: $250

WE TESTED: 16°, 19°, 22° with Vizard HB-60, Vizard HB-70 and Vizard HB-90 graphite shafts.

KEY TECHNOLOGY: The compact head has minimal offset to benefit players who hit down on their hybrids.



Functional from just about every lie and condition you’ll encounter; for most testers, the fairly low trajectory tends to turn over right to left; an excellent option for bump-and-runs.


Arguably the UTc’s strongest attribute— a hot face that hard swingers get the most out of; needs some room to run, but pure strikes can chase down your 3-wood.


Erratic ball flight—some testers can’t seem to count on any one trajectory or shape; for others, the offset feels overdone, like a concession to higher-handicappers, and leads to unwanted hooks; for a few guys, “traditional” translates to “tired”; a bit hard to elevate; not adjustable.

Bottom Line

The Honma may be a victim of its own allure: Guys expected a boutique world-beater and found a straightforward hybrid with solid, raw distance and handsome looks. Still, the UTc is a nice introduction to the Japanese brand’s classic style and its elegant, understated technologies.