Golf Putters: 5 High-Tech Designs to Hole More Putts




This upstart company is cheerily taking putter adjustability to the next level. Its products have removable faceplates in 1°, 3.5° and 6° lofts, and they can be tuned for lie angle (68°, 71°, 74°), offset (zero, half-shaft and full-shaft) and head weight (comes with 3-, 6- and 15-gram plugs) to fit a variety of strokes and green conditions. The Tour models have a heel-shafted design, plus three interchangeable sightlines on the topline. The heel-shafted design (previous models were center-shafted) looks more traditional and allows for a larger alignment aid. Plus, a free app for Apple and Android devices helps you find your ideal settings.



Dave Edel built the Brick for Bryson DeChambeau, who requested a rectangular flatstick that wouldn’t swing like a typical “toe-down” weighted putter and could eliminate distractions caused by busy colors, graphics or alignment aids. The “torquebalanced toe-up” design has a 12-gram weight in the heel, plus a 50-gram counterweight in the shaft — seven inches from the butt end of the grip — to balance the head throughout the stroke. A sound slot in the sole improves feedback. This out-of-the-box design should appeal to players who use the leading edge, and overall head shape, for alignment. The “toe-up” balance point allows the head to swing easily down the target line. The Brick has an oversize Big Dog grip, and is customizable for length, lie and heel weighting.



The company removed mass from the sole and the back, moved it closer to the face than a typical putter and aligned the CG with the center of the face. These changes reduce torque in the hands and minimize twisting, making it easier to square the head at impact. Also, a chemically etched “Metal-X” face produces a smooth roll; the white three-line alignment aid pops against the black head; and a non-tapered SuperStroke Flatso 1.0 grip promotes equal grip pressure in the hands. (You can also order the grip with a 50-gram weight to create a counterbalanced putter.) Think of it as face-balancing taken up a notch, with a different feel than you might be accustomed to.



Longtime designer Guerin Rife debuts the stainless steel ER5, which features an innovative milling pattern — the grooves are wider in the middle and narrower in the heel and toe. As a result, there’s more contact area at the edges than in the center of the face, transferring progressively more energy to the ball farther away from the center. According to Rife, all putts struck within the 1.5-inch-wide hitting area essentially travel the same distance. The curved contact area also helps mis-hits turn toward the hole, a concept similar to the gear effect in a wood. The putter comes in 33″ (385 grams), 34″ (370 grams) and 35″ (355 grams), with a 30-gram counterweight in the grip for added stability.



Longtime TaylorMade executive Sean Toulon has launched his new company with a Tour-quality milled putter series. The Madison is made from soft 303-stainless steel and has a diamond pattern on the face that elicits a silky feel, dissipates sound, and helps eliminate skidding after impact for a more efficient roll. The Madison comes in three versions: A 352-gram head with an aluminum soleplate; the MR model (moderate release; $460), which has a 365-gram head with a stainless steel soleplate and a 25-gram counterweight in the grip; and the AR (aggressive release; $500), a 385-gram head with a tungsten soleplate and a 50-gram counterweight.