Golf Pride Tour SNSR Putter Grips

February 18, 2016

Throwing on a Golf Pride Tour SNSR grip will certainly brighten up your putting game.

The radiant new oversize grip will especially appeal to players who prefer a soft feel — it’s twice as soft of any other putter grip in Golf Pride’s lineup — and provides the definitive feedback of rubber.

Both the taperless Straight version and the pistol-shaped Contour come in two sizes and weights — 104 cubic centimeters (90 grams) or 140 cc (124 grams). Both shapes have wide paddle tops to limit hand pressure, along with V-shaped markings to promote consistent hand placement.

The grips also have cross-shaped cutouts to manage moisture when the heat is on. The new grips are selling for $25 and will be available at retail in April.

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