Golf Carry Bags with New Exciting Features


Customization isn’t just for clubs. Today’s new golf bags feature high-tech designs and fun, exciting features.



Made of lightweight plastic, the KLVN (pronounced KOHL-vin) is two bags in one — a sturdy, roomy cart bag with wheels, plus an integrated stand bag that pops out with the push of a button. It’s easy to transport only those clubs you need — load some sticks into the small stand bag and leave the main unit strapped to the cart. The stand bag weighs 5.8 pounds, so carrying it short distances is easy. The fully loaded main bag (14.4 pounds) has 11 club dividers, plus three pocket panels for ample storage. The panels detach, letting you take what you need on or off the course. The KLVN bag comes in gray or off-white, with six color options for the pocket trim (blue, orange, lime green, purple and light or dark gray). You can configure your bag online at and request custom logos or colors for an extra fee.



Nike’s been at the forefront in adjustable woods, putters and now — golf bags. The waterproof HyperAdapt comes with four pockets. Four additional pockets — a cooler pocket, a large cargo pocket and small and large waterproof pockets — clip easily onto the frame. And the cargo pocket converts to a single-strap carry bag if you decide to take only a few clubs to the course. The basic stand bag weighs 4.3 pounds (no extra pockets attached). It checks in at 5.94 pounds when both waterproof pieces are snapped in place, or 5.76 pounds with the large cargo holder and cooler. The bag is sturdy enough to strap onto a cart but light and comfortable enough with its double strap for an easy 18.



The company removed mass from the sole and the back, moved it closer to the face than a typical putter and aligned the CG with the center of the face. These changes reduce torque in the hands and minimize twisting, making it easier to square the head at impact. Also, a chemically etched “Metal-X” face produces a smooth roll; the white three-line alignment aid pops against the black head; and a non-tapered SuperStroke Flatso 1.0 grip promotes equal grip pressure in the hands. (You can also order the grip with a 50-gram weight to create a counterbalanced putter.) Think of it as face-balancing taken up a notch, with a different feel than you might be accustomed to.



Weighing in at just 2.5 pounds, the aptly named 2Five is about as light as you’ll find in a fully loaded carry bag. Made from strong, durable nylon, the 2Five has lightweight carbon fiber legs, a 9″ plastic top with flared opening, full-length dividers, a water bottle pouch, a velour-lined valuables pocket and ball and accessory pockets. A patented mechanism in the bottom of the bag engages the legs to extend quickly and easily, while a dual-strap system and lumbar hip pad make it a no-stress option for walking. Available in 11 colors.



Looking to restart your fitness resolutions for 2016? This stand bag might help you find the motivation to walk the links and make strides toward your goals. The company’s lightest stand bag ever clocks in at 3.5 pounds, thanks in part to a new lightweight stand mechanism with durable aluminum legs and a waterresistant EVA (plastic) base. The waterproof nylon bag has a three-way divider and four storage pockets. A cushioned hip area and foam-padded straps — single and double straps are available — should limit fatigue as you rack up miles on the course. Comes in black/red (above), gray/orange, charcoal/lime and navy/blue.