TaylorMade’s 2024 SpeedSoft golf balls boast style, performance

Taylormade speedsoft golf balls 2024

TaylorMade's SpeedSoft line offers a wide array of Ink options.


To follow up on the release of the redesigned 2024 TP5 and TP5x, TaylorMade is making its mark (both literally and figuratively) in the low-compression, budget-friendly category with the launch of its SpeedSoft golf balls.

Priced at $25 per dozen, SpeedSoft is designed to deliver the softest feel through the bag, without sacrificing precious distance off the tee. The golf ball engineers at TaylorMade were able to achieve this rare blend with the help of a new PWRCORE (power core) that kicks the construction up a notch.

The larger power core helps increase energy transfer at impact. TaylorMade

This power core technology allows the SpeedSoft to be the softest golf ball in the TaylorMade golf ball lineup, but the technology extends out from the core and to the cover thanks to the 322 extended flight dimple pattern which is engineered to offer low drag performance for stable flight and longer carry, especially for moderate swing speed golfers.

“SpeedSoft represents a significant stride in our ongoing commitment to delivering performance products to golfers of all skills,” said Josh Dipert, TaylorMade’s director of product development engineering, golf balls. “With a deliberate focus on engineering a low-compression design, this is the first time we’ve created a TaylorMade golf ball with a compression delta below 50. SpeedSoft stands out as a game-changer for its unparalleled combination of soft feel and explosive speeds.”

SpeedSoft Ink

The full lineup of TaylorMade’s SpeedSoft golf balls TaylorMade Golf

While SpeedSoft is offered sans-graphics, there’s a louder option in the line called SpeedSoft Ink. According to TaylorMade, the goal was to create an all-encompassing visual design around the entire cover, to both make them stand out and let golfers bring more personality to the course.

Although we can’t divulge all the technical details of how TaylorMade engineers solved the problem of painting detailed graphics around the entire surface of a 1.68-inch dimpled sphere, let’s just say that this multi-axis print technology is what allows them to create bright, high-contrast designs.

TaylorMade SpeedSoft Ink TaylorMade Golf

“The market demand for golf balls with visual technology is on the rise, reflecting a growing segment of golfers who seek more than just the traditional white ball experience,” said Mike Fox, TaylorMade’s senior director of product creation, golf balls. “We feel like this is a segment that has previously been ignored and with SpeedSoft Ink we are meeting this demand while also taking a bold step towards catering to the modern golfer’s desire for virtual technology without sacrificing performance.”

The all-new TaylorMade SpeedSoft and SpeedSoft Ink come in a myriad of cover variations including standard white, yellow and Ink.

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