NEW: Wilson Staff DUO Soft line of balls

Wilson Staff has been fully invested in low compression golf ball design for years and the new DUO Soft line continues the tradition nicely. Leading the charge are three new 2-piece models including the new DUO Soft ($19.99/dozen), DUO Soft Optix ($19.99/dozen), which are available in four matte finishes including orange, yellow, green, and pink, and a Women’s DUO Soft ($19.99/dozen), available in a soft white matte finish.

The new DUO Soft features a 3% larger, extraordinarily low 29-compression core, a soft ionomer cover for soft feel and low spin, and a new, shallower dimple pattern for optimized carry distance. The result is a very soft, fast, and long golf ball. Similarly the new DUO Soft Optix golf balls are built with a large, 29-compression core and shallower dimple pattern but are covered in a unique matte pattern for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

The other notable new model from Wilson Staff, the DUO Soft Spin ($26.99/dozen), is a 3-piece model aimed at players who desire a very soft feel with added short game performance. Features of the new model include a low-compression core, a firmer mantle layer for low spin on tee shots and increased spin around the green (about 20% more than the standard DUO Soft), and an intermediately firm ionomer blend cover that further contributes to short game performance and distance.

All new Wilson Staff DUO Soft golf balls will be available at retail on November 17th.

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