This is a Tour-proven accuracy strategy — so why don’t amateurs do it?

golf ball with line on it

It's legal, so why not use it?

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I’m a recent putt-with-a-line-on-my-golf-ball convert. I went back and forth for years, but I committed last season and am glad I did. I feel like it gives me feedback on whether I make a good stroke or not (if the line wobbles, no good!) and by having the line on there to begin with, I have one less thing to think about.

In fact, I like using the line so much I’m thinking of amping it up a notch and using it off the tee.

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By: Josh Berhow

After all, why not? Putting and driving are the two most important parts of the game, and those are the only two areas on the course where you’re able to pick up your ball and align it how you want. Taking advantage of that on the greens has become commonplace, so why not take advantage of it off the tee, too?

It’s become increasingly common on the PGA Tour. Bryson DeChambeau does it, as does Maverick McNealy, who talked to about it recently: “I use the line on the tee to make sure my eye line is square and my alignment is good,” he said. “A lot of tee boxes aren’t always aligned. Some are aimed left; some are aimed right; if your body alignment is off, that’s a big miss.”

Once you have a better handle on where the target line is, you’ll have a better sense of your swing direction and, hopefully, find more fairways along the way.

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