TravisMathew’s new easy-to-use rewards program will earn you free gear

travismathew gear

TravisMathew fans are sure to love the brand's new rewards program.


If you’re a fan of TravisMathew gear, you’re in luck.

The apparel company recently launched its TravisMathew TM Rewards program, giving customers an easy way to be rewarded for their loyalty. The program is simple to sign up for — all you need is a valid email address — and gives members a number of benefits. Another perk? It’s all free.

The benefits of the program are tiered, meaning as you spend more you unlock more perks. Additionally, each dollar you spend earns you five points, which can be redeemed for discounts, first access passes to new products and sales, exclusive offers and free gifts. Think of it like a credit-card reward program — only instead of paying for groceries and your WiFi bill, you’ll be loading up on stylish polos, shorts and hats that will you the envy of your foursome.

When you sign up, you have plus status with TM Rewards. The benefits of this tier are free shipping and returns. Once you spend $500, you are upgraded to the preferred tier, which comes with the added benefit of a free hat each year as a gift for your loyalty. And once you hit $1,000 you unlock the executive tier, which allows for free alterations to all the gear your purchase in store.

The more you spend, the more you unlock.

The program is free to sign up for, and even if you’re only in it for the free shipping, it’s well worth your while. The added benefits are just icing on the cake.

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