Exclusive First Look: Greyson’s Spectator Wolf Masters Collection

Greyson masters collection

Greyson's exclusive new collection for Masters week.


At this time of year — in honor of the year’s first major championship — many brands are creating capsules that feature iconic Masters staples. Everyone is buzzing about azaleas, peaches, green lawn chairs, dogwoods, egg salad sammies, etc. It seems each year, more and more brands enter the ring, putting their unique spin on gear that celebrates the event. In a saturated market, creativity in this realm is where brands really win. No one’s 2023 Masters capsule is more creative than Greyson’s.

The brand has built an entire identity around their wolf logo and pack mentality. Their entire ethos is about juxtaposing performance and athleticism with style and sophistication. They do this in a way that celebrates individuality yet encourages togetherness — all properties personified by the wolf. With this in mind, it makes sense that they want to bring their wolf mentality to Augusta, where everyone is hunting for birdies amongst the magnolias and pines.

Here’s a first look at the Greyson Spectator Wolf capsule that’s exclusive to You can shop these styles by visiting or by using the links below! Greyson Clothiers

They’ve done so by turning their recognizable wolf logo into a patron. He’s rocking a green and white bucket hat and some shades. In some instances, he’s even wearing the famed green jacket (though you have to be a Greyson member to be able to purchase these items). The collection notably includes a limited-edition signature print filled with abstract floral nods to Augusta National. It has items for the more traditional patron, looking to wear a polo and a bucket hat, or the more modern patron, who might prefer a bold tie dye.

Scroll down to shop a few of our favorite pieces from the line or head over to Greyson’s site to view the complete collection.

Story of Augusta Hoodie

This soft fleece hoodie tells the story of Augusta from the Greyson point of view. It features floral designs down the sleeve as an ode to the holes at Augusta National.

Spectator Wolf Bucket Hat

Designed with a wide brim to keep you out of the sun, this bucket hat features a dual stripe ribbon and the spectator wolf logo design.

Greyson Tie-Dye Tee

This one-of-one, Augusta-green tie-dye t-shirt features the Greyson logo embroidered in script across the chest.

Spectator Wolf Omaha Long Sleeve Polo

Made from Greyson’s Brrr cooling fabric, this shirt will keep you out of the sun without feeling hot. It features the spectator wolf design embroidered on the left chest.

Den of Magnolias Mallet Headcover

Made from plush leather that features the Den of Magnolias print, this unique headcover will add a spring-forward flair to your bag.
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