Editor’s Picks: White golf shoes are all the rage — here are our 5 favorites

White sneakers are having a moment, and the golf world is catching on.

White sneakers are having a moment, and the golf world is catching on.

White sneakers are having a moment. They’re clean. They’re simple. They dress down a dressy outfit but class up a casual look. And they look good on everybody.

The golf world is no different. Gone are the days of the one-option saddle-shoe lifestyle. Of course, you should stick with the old-school look if that’s the one you prefer. But golf brands are increasingly catering to an audience inspired by other sports or by streetwear, and white kicks fall under that umbrella.

With that in mind, here are my five favorite white golf shoes available to you right now:

1. Adidas Stan Smith Primegreen Spikeless

These are limited edition, they only went on sale May 1 and they’re sure to go fast. Oh, and the kilte is removable.

Stan Smith PrimeGreen Special Edition Spikeless Golf Shoes

Adidas has rejuvenated their iconic Stan Smith silhouette specifically for golfers. This wear-everywhere spikeless golf shoe is perfect for summer.

2. Puma Ignite

I’m a fan of the Puma Ignite line in general, so there are several iterations of this sneaker you might really like. Check ’em all out. These are athletic in style and performance, which means you’ll have a spring in your step taking these to the course.

Puma IGNITE PWRADAPT Leather 2.0

The sleek Puma IGNITE PWRADAPT Leather golf shoe provides tremendous comfort, ample support and excellent traction on the golf course. Starting underneath, the PWRADAPT outsole is equipped with 3D pods that allow the spikes to move independently from each other, providing outstanding 3-dimensional traction. Sandwiched in the middle, the golf shoe also features an IGNITE foam midsole that provides energy return, responsive comfort, and stable cushioning throughout each step and during the golf swing. In addition, the textured, ribbed leather upper features a PWRFrame that is strategically placed to provide support in high-stress areas for a snug fit. This is truly a shoe that has the looks of a semi-casual sneaker, but underneath is packed with technology to help you feel comfortable while playing your best golf.
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3. Ecco S-Lite

Ecco has come a long way in developing shoes that are comfortable and increasingly stylish. The S-Lite has another separating factor, though: It’s guaranteed to be the lightest shoe on this list.

Ecco S-Lite

The S-Lite is ECCO’s lightest golf shoe ever created. It combines perforated Yak leather with the ultra-light DynaKnit E-DTS outsole. The outsole features a wider heel base for improved stability in your swing and transition while staying extremely flexible and durable in optimal conditions. A premium Yak leather upper utilizes a diamond shape embossing for a lightweight feel and comfortable breathability. The molded leather heel counter and inside toe, and side reinforcements improve your stability in your swing. A FLUIDFORM midsole and wing wrapping balances your stance.

4. True Linkswear TL-01

A clean, classic white sneaker. You can walk 18 and wear this True Linkswear number to dinner afterwards.

True Linkswear TL-01

True presents the TL-01, a stylish shoe created to transition from the office to the course and everywhere in between. TL-01 is created with performance features that include lightweight construction, premium Nappa leather that will mold to your foot like a well-oiled baseball glove over time, Zero Drop cushion that ensures a comfortable walk, a supportive EVA midsole, and very aggressive Cross-Life treading for excellent performance between the links.
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5. Duca del Cosma

If you’re looking for an edgier, more fashion-forward sneaker that can perform on-course and make a subtle statement in the process, look no further. Duca del Cosma’s Monterosso shoe has been one of my favorite discoveries this year.

Duca del Cosma Monterosso

Proof that a casual shoe can still have its own distinct style, the Monterosso is raring to go. With its full leather upper and complementing sole, you’ll stand out however you choose to wear it.
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