These athletic shorts promise to improve your posture and ease your aching back

Forme shorts

Shorts that ease pain and encourage proper posture? Yes, please!

When is the last time your athletic apparel actually improved the way you felt?

That’s the aim of the garments created by Forme — a brand originally designed by an orthopedic surgeon that bills itself as wearable technology that not only corrects the wearer’s posture but also treats spinal disorders by transforming the body’s alignment.

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By: Marley Sims

By wearing Forme products, the wearer can expect muscle memory engagement, sustainable posture correction and training and a reduction in neck, shoulder and back pain.

All that in a pair of shorts? Yes!

Forme’s shorts feature a patented 5-inch triple mesh waistband inlay for core activation and spinal extension, enabling dynamic back support. The shorts also boost joint biofeedback with an anti-pelvic tilt function.

Ready to shop for a pair of your own? Check out three of Forme’s pairs of men’s and women’s athletic shorts below, and click the link to add to cart.

Forme shorts for men

Forme Ergo Short

Forme‘s Ergo (ergonomic) Short is engineered to keep your lower back in constant traction while tucking in your tummy with core activation, and engaging spinal muscle memory to relieve your back stress.

Forme Pro Short

Got back ache, morning stiffness, and lower back pain? The Pro Short is your foundation for hip and lower back support with increased mobility training.

Forme shorts for women

Forme Sculpt Short

Got hip or low back pain?Need to recover from sports or travel? This back support functional shorts reduces back pain, sciatica, anterior pelvic tilt, hip pain, and recovers muscle spasm or strain-all from simply wearing it.
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