Phil Mickelson’s sunglasses brand and why he wears them in the rain

Keep scrolling for sunglasses that can ultimately improve your gameplay by increasing your vision in the rain.


Have you ever heard that wearing polarized sunglasses when driving in the rain can actually help you see better? You may be thinking, “Won’t that reduce my visibility?”

Actually, it really can help. Basically, the polarization in the lenses helps reduce the light refraction caused by water reflecting through rain droplets which, in turn, impairs our vision.

‘Not for everybody’: Why Phil Mickelson wears sunglasses in the rain
By: Alan Bastable

It’s a pretty incredible little life hack — and one that can easily translate into a brilliant golf tip. At least Phil Mickelson thinks so.

In recent years, Phil Mickelson has worn his sunglasses, rain or shine. He wears a brand specifically designed for golf, USwing Eyewear.

The same concepts about light refraction apply when swinging at the golf ball or determining elements that may affect your ball’s flight. As it turns out, Mickelson isn’t alone.


The World No. 1 amateur, Rose Zhang, also rocks USwing Eyewear sunglasses.

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Aside from the brand Mickelson and Zhang wear, there are tons of stylish polarized glasses from other brands we love and trust like Ray-Ban, Prada, Revo and so many more.

Here are several stylish polarized sunglasses that would be a perfect fit for your next round, rain or shine.

Polarized sunglasses at Nieman Marcus

Reducing light refraction in the rain by wearing polarized sunglasses will help you see details to optimize your gameplay.


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Men’s Polarized Aviator Sunglasses


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Men’s STL II Round Polarized Sunglasses


Keep your sunglasses safe in a storage case

And, if you’re a sunglasses junkie like Phil, you’ll appreciate this Bey-Berk Leather Watch & Sunglasses Storage Case.

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