3 mesmerizing TikTok videos that show how golf grips are made

If you spend any time on TikTok, you’ll know that mesmerizing videos are a pretty popular genre on the platform. They have them for all sorts of stuff, and now they’re about to get a lot better for golfers, because grip companies have just discovered the space.

Specifically GolfPride, which recently started a TikTok account and started sharing videos about how some of its grips are made, and they’re pretty hard to take your eyes away from.

In a nutshell, they feed a bunch of rubber into what looks like a giant pasta-making machine and add dye to give it a specific color.

Once they have the material all flattened-out and colored, someone comes along and slices through it and peels it off.

Then after a few fancy things in between, they feed it into some kind of compressing machine, where it’s sealed around a core and then touched up afterwards.

Impressed? Yes, we thought so, too.

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