Deal of the Week: You NEED this golf-friendly hand warmer

I was playing golf with my colleague, Tim Reilly, on a nice day a few weeks back and optimistically dressed for spring. By the 7th hole, 50 degrees and sunny turned into 50 degrees and cloudy with a bit of wind, and I was freezing. Tim, being the gentleman that he is, completely saved my game by lending me his G-Tech hand warmer. I cannot emphasize enough how essential this accessory is for every golfer (well, northern golfer).

On days like that one — 50-ish degrees, some sun, lots of wind — your body isn’t really what’s that cold. It’s always your hands that go first! The G-Tech wraps easily around your waist and is completely out of the way during your swing. In between shots, stuff your hands in the pouch like a football player and viola! You’ll never drop a shot because your hands are freezing again.

The pouch has three different heat settings. I found the mid-range setting to be plenty warm enough that day, and the battery lasts 12+ hours, so you’ll never run out of juice midway through your round.

This product is an absolute game-changer. For less than $100 you can extend your golf season by making unbearably cold rounds bearable once again. We’re running low and can’t promise we’ll get more in stock soon, so make sure you get yours while you can!

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G-Tech Heated Pouch – GOLF Limited Edition

The G-Tech heated pouch is the solution to keep not only your hands but your entire body warm throughout all playing conditions.  You’ve seen it around the waist of quarterbacks, hockey players and professional golfers. Why not yours? By specifically heating your hands you can create circulation that heats your core body temperature. Keep your hands warm and the rest will follow! A rechargeable battery slides in and out of the pouch and offers 12+ hours of consistent heat. It’s water-resistant, too.  Extend your golf season with this limited-edition white or black G-Tech GOLF heated pouch.
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