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As technology continues to leapfrog itself, it’s become easier to photograph amazing visuals on and off the golf course. Below are a few of the best bang-for-buck (and size) tools that will get your Instagram feed buzzing.

I find that the best option for the course is always the one that’s easiest to grab. For most of us, that’s our phone — nowadays they have such amazing little cameras! These few accessories can elevate your images even further without adding much to your bag.

Without question put your phone in a case like this:

Moment Thin iPhone Case

This thin, sleek case comes with a lens mount for Moment’s amazing lenses and filters (see below).

Anamorphic Lens – Blue Flare

This tiny lens attaches right to your phone and provides a very cinematic look to your images with no effort. And try shooting it vertically — the results are really cool.

Now if you want to take a step up and still keep your weight down, check out this kit:

Sony ZV-1 Vlogger Set

The Sony RX100 VII, strap and memory card gives you everything you need in a camera that’s probably smaller than your range finder.

Since most of you probably don’t want to lug a massive camera around (or three) like I do all day, this is a perfect option. A 24-200mm lens gives you plenty of range while on the course. The real-time eye autofocus is insane, which makes this camera perfect for families and fast-moving subjects. And, with 20 frames-per-second, you can capture all your buddies’ snap hooks in full glory. 

I hesitate to suggest a drone because, frankly, you need to ask before you fly them on a course. Please be safe and smart with these little marvels. And with a little know-how (and I do mean very little), the DJI Mini 2 Combo is an amazing option to capture 4K video from an aircraft that fits in your hand:

DJI Mini 2 Drone

This little drone can easily fit in your bag and not weigh you down one bit. The 3 axis gimbal and level 5 wind resistance will yield incredibly smooth video and time lapses.

Make sure to get a fast enough memory card for all of that 4K goodness:

Extreme MicroSD Memory Card

Get extreme speeds for fast transfer, app performance, and 4K UHD video with this memory card.

Finally, make sure you keep all your new gear organized and safe:

MTW Tech Organizer

This little pouch has a space for all of your tech accessories and will keep your gear ticked and tied on the course or anywhere else.
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