lang="en-US"> Eight best golf grips for comfort and no-slip performance

The 8 best golf grips for comfort and no-slip performance

Best golf grips to keep your hands comfortable

These days, the best golf grips get the high-tech treatment, delivering no-slip performance in all conditions while keeping your mitts in max comfort all round—and all season—long. Here are the eight best golf grips that have really grabbed our attention.

1. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align


Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align grip.
Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align grip.
Courtesy of Golf Pride

Designed to deliver the classic feel of the original Tour Velvet, the Align model features innovative reminder technology that increases your clubface awareness while promoting consistent hand placement.

2. Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Align


Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Align grips.
Courtesy of Golf Pride

Plus4 refers to this grip’s ability to simulate the feel of four extra layers of tape under the lower part of the grip, allowing you to grip the club lighter and produce more speed. Golf Pride’s Align technology is also included. A multi-compound design with both cord and rubber provides all-weather performance.

3. Lamkin Sonar


Lamkin Sonar grip.
Courtesy of Lamkin

Made from a new Genesis material that provides a soft feel and tacky gripping surface, the Sonar fits a wide variety of players and handicaps. A reduced-taper design minimizes hand tension for a more fluid and faster motion, while micro-textures across the surface enhance feel and feedback.

4. Lamkin Comfort Plus


Lamkin Comfort Plus grip.
Courtesy of Lamkin

Designed to provide the same level of comfort as a polyurethane grip but with the enhanced feel of rubber, the Comfort Plus is also exceptionally durable. The same reduced-taper profile featured in the Sonar model with a larger lower section promotes less grip pressure and tension and faster swings. Micro-textures further enhance comfort and traction in all weather conditions.

5. Super Stroke Soft Wrap TC


Super Stroke Soft Wrap TC grip.
Courtesy of Super Stroke

Available in both black and red, the wrap-style grip is designed with Taper Control Technology to create a larger lower-hand section to minimize grip pressure during the swing.

6. Winn Dri-Tac X


Winn Dri-Tac X grips.
Courtesy of Winn

The Dri-Tac X is made from Winn’s WinnDry polymer material, which provides all-weather tackiness with exceptional comfort and durability. The tapered design allows for a traditional shape and plenty of shock absorption. The lighter weight (48g) can be exploited to increase swingweight and clubhead feel.

7. Winn Dri-Tac


For players who want the comfort, tackiness and overall performance associated with Winn golf grips, but with a more traditional look than the X, the standard Dri-Tac model is one of the nest golf grips to go with. Available in four colors.

8. Winn Dri-Tac Wrap


Winn Dri-Tac Wrap grip.
Courtesy of Winn

If you’re a player who prefers wrap-style golf grips with less surface texture, the Dri-Tac is up your alley. Built with Winn’s proprietary WinnDry polymer material, which provides excellent tackiness, comfort and shock absorption, this model gives those accustomed to a wrap-style grip a top-notch option.

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