Our Picks: 7 GOLF staff favorite hats of 2023

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Some of our staff's favorite hats from this year... plus a few honorable mentions.


Welcome to Our Picks, where we fill you in on the newest and hottest golf equipment and accessories. Today, we’re featuring 7 golf hats our staff love this year.

Last time, we featured 2 training aids our staff found most useful this year, which you can read by tapping here.

7 GOLF staff favorite golf hats

If you don’t own a closet full of hats, do you really work in the golf industry? But seriously, we love and appreciate a good hat here at GOLF. Here are some of our favs from this year.

Oh, and scroll to the bottom for a few more honorable mentions that are worth checking out.

J. Crew Garment-Dyed Twill Baseball Cap

Nick Piastowski (Senior Editor): To be honest, this is a basic-looking hat. But I like that. My golf should be the thing that’s doing the talking; not my lid. The hat’s adjustable. There are multiple colors to choose from. And I’m not going to lie — the Roys on Succession wore something very similar, and I liked the vibe.

Personalize with a monogram +$10

J.Crew Made-in-the-USA garment-dyed twill baseball cap

This hat is available in 9 colors (two are on sale). You can also personalize your hat with a monogram! Choose the shape, thread and color of your monogram. Shop to start creating.


Ryan Barath (Senior Editor, Equipment): As a golfer with a noggin that skews to the larger side, I’m a huge fan of the hats True Linkswear offers, and having the ability to pick my color and patch is a win-win.

SALE – Personalize it!

TRUE Linkswear – The Hat Chef | HAT CUSTOMIZER

$40 (was $55)
Choose your hat’s style, color and patch. You’ll love this. Shop now to make your hat and get it in time for the holidays.

American Needle Trucker Style Hats

Alan Bastable (Executive Editor): I’m guilty of buying a hat and, assuming it fits my head, wearing it to death. That’s where I’m at right now with an American Needle Trucker-style lid I picked up in August at one of my favorite courses. It’s lightweight but holds it form, and the brim is the perfect amount of stiffness to hold just a touch of curvature. My hat’s off to this sweet cap.

Over 100 years of quality headwear

American Needle Trucker Style Hats

$13.98 – $21.97
Founded in 1918 as an importer of sewing needles, American Needle has evolved over four generations into a world leader in headwear manufacturing.

Swannies Golf Hats

Dylan Dethier (Senior Writer): Swannies makes some incredible hats — specifically the Delta hat. Comfy. Sweatproof. Comfy. Lightweight. And comfy. I get headaches easily, especially when I wear hats, because I am a weak man and came slightly defective. But not with this one.

Swannies Delta Hat

It all began with summers looping at fancy country clubs and golfing $5 munis. Swannies is known for debuting the first ever spiked golf sandal (for the casual golfer, of course…).

Sunday Golf Dad Hats

Marley Sims (Assoc. Mgr, Commerce): It’s a close runner-up between this hat and the Nicklaus Golden Bear Cap. It really just depends on my outfit, but if I can work this “Sunday Golf” pink hat (which is also available in 5 colors) into my outfit, it’s a safe bet that I will. This dad hat always gets many compliments.


Sunday Golf Dad Hats

$34.99 (was $39.99)
Sunday Golf dad hats hats are for you, the old man, your best friend, whoever! These are low profile, come with an adjustable strap and a comfortable quick drying schwetyproof sweatband to keep your dome dry on and off the course.

American Needle Lightweight Rope Hat

Jack Hirsh (Assistant Editor): I had been wanting to add a rope hat to my collection, but nearly every one I found had way too high of a crown. Finally, I stumbled on the American Needle version at Royal Portrush and I could finally buy one that doesn’t make my head look enormous.

More styles available.

Schlitz American Needle Rope Snapback Hat

Founded in 1918 as an importer of sewing needles, American Needle has evolved over four generations into a world leader in headwear manufacturing.

Bad Birdie Men’s Bucket Hat

Marley Sims (Assoc. Mgr, Commerce): Hi, me again. As for my current favorite bucket hat, I have to go with the one from Bad Birdie. It never loses its shape, is super light and it fits like a dream. The drawstring even detaches in case it’s not a windy day. It says it’s for men, but I wear it anyway.

Doesn’t lose its shape

Bad Birdie Men’s Sun Bucket Golf Hat

Excellent quality with moisture wicking fabric, plus detachable drawstring. Ideal for full sun protection.
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