Start Your Engines: 6 of the latest and greatest golf shafts

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“It’s no secret that the shaft is the most active and dynamic component of virtually any club in the bag,” says Andres Victoriano, VP of customer experience and tour relations at True Spec Golf. “And it’s not just a function of how much a shaft weighs or how much flex it has. It also matters when it flexes, where on the profile the bend occurs and how much twisting [torque] the shaft yields.

How a $790 driver shaft has led to ‘home runs’ for this club-fitter
By: James Colgan

“The wrong shaft can wreak havoc on your clubhead’s ability to do its job, whereas having a properly fit shaft can help you hit longer and straighter shots without having to manipulate your swing.”

This makes choosing the right shaft a critical step in the club-buying process, as there are dozens of options to choose from — especially in the higher-end portion of the market. Here are some of the latest and greatest — good intel if you have your eyes on one of the spankin’ new drivers featured in this year’s ClubTest.

1. AND 2. ACCRA TZ5, TZ6 ($300)

Accra TZ shaft. Courtesy

You can get your hands on an Accra shaft only through a premium club fitter or a Tour van. TZ5 and TZ6, the newest additions to Accra’s flagship TZ line, use high modulus carbon fibers to optimize the relationship between stability and feel while reducing weight by 10 percent compared to previous models. TZ5 is a stiffer tip, lower launch and spin option while TZ6 features an active (yet low torque) tip section to promote a mid-high launch and spin control.


Fujikura Ventus TR shaft. Courtesy

The new Ventus TR comes with a mid-launch profile, designed specifically to stiffen torque for increased stability and consistency. VeloCore remains at the heart of the shaft, providing an added layer of Spread Tow fabric to reinforce the midsection and prevent twisting.

4. LA GOLF TRONO ($410)

LA Golf Trono shaft. Courtesy

One of the hottest young shaft companies on Tour sought input from none other than power-hitting Bryson DeChambeau to design a shaft with a super-stiff midsection (to help stabilize aggressive swings like Bryson’s) and less stiffness in the butt region to ramp up the feel. The tip is a tad softer (it’s still considered stiff, though) for optimum launch and spin rates.


Mitsubishi Kai’li White shaft. Courtesy

What makes this shaft unique, according to Mitsubishi, is its responsive and smooth feel combined with a low-spin and low-launch profile. It’s made from super-low resin pre-preg fibers with a reinforced tip section for more consistent center-face impact.


Project X HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX shaft. Courtesy

The highest launching and spinning shaft in the HZRDUS lineup, the Smoke Red RDX has a stiffer butt and midsection to support faster tempos but retains an active tip area for a boost in ballflight. A solid option for players with quick swings.

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