How best to save on new golf clubs? Trade in your current set at GlobalGolf

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You know the old saw: before you buy something, make room for it by tossing out something else. If you’ve had your eye on a shiny new driver, GlobalGolf can help you follow this rule and save money.

At GlobalGolf, golfers can trade in their current set of clubs and use those points toward their next purchase. Think of it this way: When you buy a car, you often trade in your current model to take some heft off the price tag. Why not do the same thing with golf equipment?

Trading in is the most affordable way to play golf. Equipment evolves every year, but it’s not always feasible to buy the latest, greatest products. That’s where trading in comes into play. GlobalGolf guarantees the highest trade-in values in the industry, which means you’re always able to upgrade without paying retail prices. 

Trading in golf clubs also is good for the planet. How many times have you looked in your garage, closet or trunk and thought, I should sell these clubs? If you wait too long, the value decreases and, before you know it, instead of the clubs finding a second home, they end up in a landfill. 

Founded by former PGA Tour player Ed Byman, GlobalGolf provides confidence and convenience to golfers all over the world by offering the largest selection of new and pre-owned golf equipment, apparel, technology and accessories, which are hand-selected by their experienced team of PGA professionals. At GlobalGolf, customers find what they need to improve their games and better enjoy the sport. The trade-in program makes everything even easier. 

GlobalGolf’s offerings are handpicked by their experienced team of PGA professionals


The process is simple. Go through your bag, club by club, and answer five questions: what is the club type, brand, model, shaft flex and dexterity (right-handed or left-handed)? That’s it! GlobalGolf calculates the golf club trade-in value on the spot, which converts to points toward your next purchase. 

When is the best time to trade in to get top value? Typically, it’s right before the next model is released. But if that’s not feasible, the rule of thumb is, the newer the club, the higher the trade-in value. 

Whether you’re looking to buy the latest driver or a iron set, trading in your clubs makes sense, as you’ll save both money and garage space. In addition to clubs, GlobalGolf also accepts your golf tech: Bushnell rangefinders, Garmin GPS golf watches — you name it.

To see how much your clubs and golf tech are worth at GlobalGolf, click here.

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Today’s golf drivers are more technologically advanced than ever before, capable of delivering big-time distance. GlobalGolf offer both new and used drivers from the top equipment manufacturers, including drivers by TaylorMade, Callaway, Titleist, and more.
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