Getting fit for a new driver? Avoid this common mistake

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A driver fitting can instantly help you save strokes.


Getting fit for new clubs is generally a fun and educational experience for golfers of all skill levels, especially when it’s for a new driver. Not only do you get the opportunity to find out exactly how your current driver stacks up to the newest options, but you also learn how to maximize performance once you get to the course.

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That said, whether you’re a lower handicap golfer or just a beginner going to your first club fitting, avoiding one common mistake during a driver fit can help you find better results you can take to your next round of golf.

But before we get to mistakes, let’s talk about the best way to prepare for any club fitting.

Think of your club fitting (for any club) as a round of golf, because you’re going to be making a lot of swings. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable — unlike a country club, there is no dress code when going to a club fitter, and make sure to bring your golf shoes. Whether you play in spikeless shoes or something with soft spikes, wearing the same type of shoes that you wear on the course will help eliminate inconsistencies.

A club fitting is a great opportunity to learn about your golf game GOLF

Also, don’t worry about ever not being warmed up. You’ll always be given time to properly warm up before the fitting process, so don’t stress and don’t feel rushed. You always want to feel like you’re making a comfortable swing — especially with your driver.

Last but not least a new golf glove is a great accessory to bring along, as well as a sleeve of golf balls that you typically play with to reduce variables.

The big mistakes

Beyond the obvious mistakes — such as not bringing your current clubs for comparison, or forgetting your golf shoes — the number one mistake to avoid when getting fit for your next driver is trying to swing for the fences on every swing. A launch monitor is not a video game where you need to achieve a high score, it’s a tool to help interpret information and maximize performance with your gear.

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I always tell golfers that a fitting bay is a judgment-free zone, and the fitter is there to help you get the most from your current swing, not the swing you think you need to make to try and squeeze out a few more yards. If you usually play a fade off the tee, stick with what you know and let the fitter work his or her magic, because with the number of drivers, settings and shaft options available, you’re going to find something that will help reduce dispersion and hopefully increase distance.

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