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FIRST LOOK: Bridgestone Tour B Series golf balls

August 21, 2017

According to Elliot Mellow, Bridgestone’s marketing manager of golf balls, the new Tour B Series is a lot more than just an upgraded version of the previous Tour B330 line. In fact, the new Tour B golf balls were designed using a tremendous amount of research that included looking at data of over 2.5 million swings to determine what improvements would most help specific player types. The result is superior replacements for the Tour B330, B330-S, Tour B330-RX and Tour B330-RXS golf balls.

The new Tour B X, a replacement for the Tour B330, is aimed at low handicap players who want improved feel and short game spin along with outstanding distance. The key to the softer feel and scoring spin to the already long design is an approximately 12% softer urethane cover that creates more friction on short shots. Meanwhile, a gradational core (firmer on the outside, softer on the inside) and mantle layer reduce spin on long shots for optimum ball speed and distance. In addition, both the new Tour B X and Tour B XS have an improved, more consistent 330 dimple pattern that reduces drag for increased carry for longer overall distance.

The new Tour B XS, which replaces the previous Tour B330-S, features the same 3-piece construction as the Tour B X but with a softer compression and feel. The Tour B XS also produces slightly more spin for players who desire it.

The Tour B RX, a replacement for the previous Tour B330-RX, and the Tour B RXS, which replaces the previous Tour B330-RXS, both feature the same 3-piece urethane construction as their predecessors and lower compression cores (about 10 points softer than Tour B XS). Each of the new models features a redesigned 338 modified dual dimple pattern that provides a more stable flight and less ballooning for added distance. Both balls are also approximately five yards longer than the models they replace due to a new mantle layer formulation with higher repulsion at impact and more ballspeed. The Tour B RX provides slightly less spin overall than the Tour B RXS and a slightly firmer feel. The RX model is also available in yellow.

All of Bridgestone’s new Tour B series golf balls ($44.99/dozen) will be available at retail on Oct. 2.