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FIRST LOOK: Ping’s newest G430 LST fairway wood is built for distance

Ping G430 LST

After the already successful launch of the Ping G430 Max and SFT fairway woods, Ping is ready to release the highly anticipated LST model.

Ping Golf

After the launch of the G430 Max and SFT fairway woods, a lot of golfers wondered when and if an LST (Low Spin Technology) version would come along to compliment the LST driver. Now after dialing in the details, Ping is set to release this multi-material titanium fairway wood packed with technology to help golfers gain more distance.


Much like the G430 LST driver and the G430 Max fairway woods, the LST utilizes a carbon fly wrap to lower the center of gravity and push it closer to the face to deliver more ball speed and lower spin, resulting in higher flying and longer carrying shots. The eight-layer carbon crown replaces enough titanium from the head to save a net total of 5.5 grams, which might not seem like a huge amount but makes a world of difference when it comes to getting every last ounce of performance.

An inside look at the Ping G430 LST fairway wood. Ping Golf

Speaking of mass, the G430 LST body is made from a strong and lightweight Ti 8-1-1 body with an even stronger 2041 Beta-Ti face. Using titanium over steel saves enough mass from around the 169cc head that engineers could position an 80-gram tungsten plate to the sole to further increase ball speeds and lower spin, resulting in an average of seven extra yards of distance.

“The lightweight properties of titanium and the density of tungsten open a lot of possibilities to improve performance,” said John K. Solheim, the CEO and president of Ping, in a release. “The results are phenomenal. It’s already in the bags of Tour players around the world. We look forward to getting the new fairway wood in the hands of golfers who want the best of multi-material technology.”

Another continuation from the rest of the Ping G430 line is the variable roll radius (Spinsistency) on the lower section of the face to reward thin shots by reducing overall spin for more carry. This works by helping shots hit low on the face generate less spin compared to traditionally designed faces that tend to generate excessive spin when struck below the center of gravity — a common miss for most golfers.

Last but not least, the combination of titanium materials allowed Ping engineers to push the connecting welds away from the face, creating the potential for more flex and faster, more consistent ball speeds around the entire face, which leads to greater forgiveness.

With all of this technology packed into one head, it is easily Ping’s most technologically advanced fairway wood to date — and something that will provide golfers looking for a lower-spin fairway wood a big advantage.

Ping G430 LST Fairway Wood

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Price, specs, and availability

The Ping G430 LST fairway wood is available for order today and comes in the standard loft of 15 degrees only (adjustable +/- 1.5 degrees of loft).

The standard price is $549.

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