Edel Hand Ground Wedge Review: ClubTest 2016

May 26, 2016



PRICE: $180
WE TESTED: “Trapper” grind: 56°, 60°; “Driver” grind: 56°, 60°; “Digger” grind: 60° with KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 steel shafts
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Each wedge is hand-shaped at the company’s workshop in Liberty Hill, Texas.


LOOK: Rounded teardrop shape with grooves that creep out to the toe — this one is different than competitors’ at address; the raw finish hides scuffs and adds to the handmade vibe.
FEEL: A very dense club; balance tips toward the head, with plenty of substance and stability; fairly soft face produces a satisfying click; balls seem to stick to the grooves a moment longer than most and come off humming.
DISTANCE CONTROL: With the right grind and a little practice, it turns the green into a dartboard — you can dial your distance on full swings, pitches or chips; capable of calling up a lot of spin when you want it — long shots stop with real bite; more help on misses than some guys expect from a smaller head.
PLAYABILITY: As close to personalized as you can get without your own workbench — or Tour van; the three grinds play differently, but they’re all really crafty around the greens — you can hit flops that knock the hat off your head or boldly slash through sand and sod.


If you don’t have a single-digit short game, nothing to see here; for some testers, it digs and drags through the turf — the right grind can help, but it’s difficult to figure out which one you’ll need without professional advice; one of the most expensive wedges tested.

BOTTOM LINE: For guys with game and time to find the right fit, the Edels are creative, clever designs with craftsmanship that few clubs can match.

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