How do Tour-issue driver heads perform when amateurs hit them? We found out.

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Ever wonder if the driver clubhead used by your favorite tour professional is a replica of the one you carry?

Sorry to break it to you, but it’s most likely not. 

Many of the best players in the world simply do not use the same clubheads that mere mortals buy off the rack. We say many and not all, because, yes, some top pros might use the same clubheads as the ones you do, but the vast majority of them use clubheads that are tweaked to meet their highly specific needs.

And if that certain player is a big enough name, it’s likely equipment manufacturers will work one-on-one with him or her to ensure whatever model they design is precisely tuned.

When it comes to the tools of their trade, most Tour pros are pickier than you could ever imagine. That can mean wanting a clubhead that is weighted differently, or one with a slightly shallower or deeper clubface, or a shorter skirt section, and so on.     

And, by the way, if you’re not a Tour player yourself, Tour-issue heads are almost impossible to find or buy. It takes some insider connections to get one, and in the lucky case you stumble on a customized clubhead, it’s probably finely tuned for another player’s swing and not of your own.

In the latest episode of Tour Validated (above), hosts DJ Lantz and True Spec’s Kris McCormack highlight Callaway’s latest Tour-issue Rogue ST Tour driver clubheads, testing and comparing them with retail offerings. The results with each was surprising, in some cases certain Tour-issue clubheads were more playable than others.

Check out the full test results in the video above.

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