The top 5 fastest golfers on the PGA Tour and the drivers they use

Cameron Champ hits drive at 2023 Sanderson Farms Championship

Cameron Champ has the highest average ball speed on the PGA Tour.

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Being able to hit the golf ball a long way — or in the case of the PGA Tour players on this list, a very long way — requires the ability to optimize launch conditions off the driver. One of the deciding factors in creating good launch conditions and generating distance is ball speed, and thanks to the PGA Tour and their Shotlink data we know exactly who the fastest players are on Tour.

These are the drivers used by the players generating the fastest ball speed numbers on the PGA Tour.

Cameron Champ – 190.36 mph

Cameron Champ Getty Images

Since he shot to stardom by winning his first Tour event in just his ninth start, Cameron Champ has continued to be one of the fastest players in professional golf at the highest level by generating an average of over 190 mph ball speed off the tee.

Although most people assume faster swing speed golfers use lower lofts, Champ uses a Ping G430 LST 10.5-degree driver at a length of only 45″ and with a heavy swing weight of D8. It’s crazy to think that considering he is using a driver built for control, Champ has an extra gear he could unlock.

Ping G430 LST Custom Driver

The PING G430 LST Driver features an exclusive Low Spin Technology (LST) Carbonfly Wrap, a lightweight composite that covers the crown and wraps into the heel/toe sections of the skirt to save weight and lower the CG for more ball speed, less spin and higher MOI. The 8-layer, one-piece composite saves four grams and weighs 11.5g fully installed. A moveable 22-gram, high-density tungsten backweight influences shot shape ±7 yards between the Draw, Neutral and Fade settings. At 440cc, the smaller tour-style LST is available in 9° and 10.5° lofts (adjustable +/-1.5° and lie up to 3° flat from standard) and best fits faster swing speeds. THE DISTANCE DIFFERENCE. MORE BALL SPEED. A shallower, variable-thickness face is thinner to create more face deflection for generating faster ball speed for our biggest distance gains to date. THE SOUND SOLUTION A new integral rib structure and increased curvature of the crown, skirt and sole fine tunes clubhead frequencies to produce a desirable sound and impact experience. SPINSISTENCY A variable roll radius, with less loft low on the face, enhances spin consistency and carry distance. CARBONFLY WRAP Lightweight composite crown wraps into the heel and toe of the skirt to save weight and lower the CG for more ball speed with higher MOI. MOVEABLE BACK WEIGHT A 25-gram, high-density tungsten moveable backweight influences shot shape +/-10 yards between the Draw, Neutral and Fade settings.
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Brandon Matthews – 190.20 mph

Srixon ZX7 MKII driver

With only a very small amount of speed separating Brandon from Cameron Champ, it’s interesting to see the difference in the way their drivers are fit for them.

As opposed to Champ who plays what is considered a low spin driver model, Matthews plays a slighter higher spin design in a lower loft to help achieve his optimal performance with a Srixon ZX7 MKII 8.5-degree head.

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Srixon ZX7 MK II Custom Driver

Featuring a more compact, confidence-inspiring silhouette that delivers the complete range of clubhead adjustability—including two swappable heel and toe weights plus an adjustable hosel sleeve—ZX7 Mk II lets you easily produce the launch conditions needed for maximum workability and complex shot making. REBOUND FRAME Rebound Frame’s Dual Flex Zones focus more energy into the golf ball at impact, creating a purer energy transfer that instantaneously increases ball speed and distance on every strike. ADJUSTABILITY Two weight port locations allow you to adjust swing weight and Center of Gravity to favor a draw or fade shape. An adjustable hosel also provides the opportunity to vary loft, lie, and face angle. STAR FRAME CROWN A complex series of ridges and latticework provides the structural integrity necessary to feature a remarkably thin titanium crown and to place discretionary mass where it best suits each ZX Mk II Driver’s ideal launch and spin characteristics. VARIABLE THICKNESS FACE An intricate variable thickness pattern expands the high COR area across the entire clubface. These unique ridges enhance high COR from heel to toe by improving how energy reflects into the ball on off-center shots.
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Kyle Westmoreland – 186.42 mph

Kyle Westmoreland Getty Images

This list is populated with unique driver builds, and out of all of them, Kyle Westmoreland could have the most unique.

Unlike the players above or below him, Westmoreland uses a draw-biased Cobra Aerojet Max. It places more weight in the heel to help eliminate a fade (we don’t like to call it a slice around here) miss off the tee. Now even though it is a more draw-biased head, he plays a much lower loft than what is generally available to the average golfer — at 7.5 degrees.

This combination helps him achieve his potential off the tee, and this is a great example of the importance of getting fit for what truly works best for your swing.

Cobra Aerojet Max Custom Driver

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The Aerojet MAX driver blends aero shaping into a forgiving draw-biased design to enable maximum speed and a straighter ball flight. AERODYNAMIC SHAPING A seamless aerodynamic design is adapted to deliver faster clubhead speed for maximized distance. PWR-BRIDGE WEIGHTING An innovative suspended bridge weight design enables unrestricted flexibility of the face and sole, and positions the CG low and forward to unleash faster ball speed. PWRSHELL WITH H.O.T FACE A forged PWRSHELL face insert maximizes flexibility for faster ball speed and higher launch. A H.O.T Face design uses artificial intelligence to create a variable thickness pattern that delivers more efficient speed and spin across the face. ADJUSTABLE WEIGHTING Two adjustable weight settings in the back and heel allow for a neutral or draw-biased ball flight. CARBON CROWN AND SOLE A carbon fiber crown and sole create a lighter and stronger chassis.
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Wyndham Clark – 186.28 mph

Wyndham Clark Getty Images

Beyond his putting performance, it was Wyndham Clark’s driving that helped lead him to his first major championship at the U.S. Open at LACC, and he did it with a previous-generation Titleist TSi3 driver.

“When it comes to gear, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” as we’ve said many times before. And in the case of this year’s U.S. Open champ, we don’t anticipate seeing him making any changes any time soon.

Cameron Young – 185.99 mph

Cameron Young Getty Images

Cameron Young is the highest-ranked player in the world without a PGA Tour win, but that’s not stopping him from being one of the most prolific ball strikers and drivers of the ball at the highest level.

Similar to the other Cameron on this list, Young uses a 10-degree driver. It’s a Titleist TSR3 (set slightly lower with the adjustable hosel) to help achieve his incredible distance. This distance helps to create a huge advantage, and it’s a big reason why he ranked 9th in strokes gained off the tee, 17th in total driving, and 3rd on the PGA Tour for distance.

Titleist TSR3 Custom Driver

If you are a player with a consistent impact location, then Titleist TSR3 is your ticket to maximum driving performance. The new Speed Ring Face Technology creates a focused point of pure speed that can be precision-tuned to match your point of contact. Benefits Precise Speed & Distance Exceptional Feel & Playability Player-Preferred Shaping Features Speed Ring VFT (Variable Face Thickness) Technology Performance-Tuned Adjustability Aerospace Grade Titanium Improved Aerodynamics SureFit Adjustability
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