Cobra’s Darkspeed is a ‘unicorn’ driver in 1 important area

cobra darkspeed max driver testing

The Darkspeed Max driver shined during robotic testing.

Jonathan Wall/GOLF

The goal behind GOLF’s yearly robotic testing for ClubTest is simple: Highlight clubs doing things well for certain golfers. It’s critically important to test myriad of different drivers before making a final decision, but it’s even better if you have an idea of what the drivers are capable of doing — and the misses they can help mitigate — before stepping foot on the range (or indoor hitting bay) to take a few cracks.

This is where robotic testing takes some of the guesswork out of the equipment search.

Using Golf Laboratories’ swing robot, we tested drivers from all the major manufacturers — in every model and available loft — to determine if a standout product existed.

In the first of a series of videos recapping robotic driver testing, we put Cobra’s Darkspeed driver lineup to the test using a 9-point face mapping that analyzes impact locations on 90 percent of the face at 95 mph. After regressing back to the mean last year with Aerojet, Cobra is back in LTDx territory with the new Darkspeed.

In particular, there’s one model — and loft, if we’re getting specific — that stole the show.

Cobra DarkSpeed Max Custom Driver

The Cobra Darkspeed MAX model delivers draw-bias and unrivaled stability in a low-mid spin design for ultimate distance and accuracy. REFINED AERODYNAMIC DESIGN An improved aero shape features a streamlined face to topline radius, a highercrown peak, raised skirt and reduced clubface surface area to maximize speed. SHAPED FOR SPEED AND FORGIVENESS A refined clubhead shape blends speed with forgiveness for an elevated lookat address that inspires maximum confidence on the tee.
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In the latest insights video, the Fully Equipped crew details what makes Darkspeed a certified “unicorn driver,” especially if your misses tend to find one area of the face.

Check out the latest video on Darkspeed, and subscribe to the Fully Equipped YouTube channel to keep up with all the latest robotic insight videos, player testing analysis from ClubTest Debrief and more.

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