New Callaway Epic Flash Star woods, Epic Forged Star irons offer lots of tech in lightweight designs

Callaway Epic Flash Star driver

Callaway’s new Epic Flash Star family represents the company’s serious take on ultra premium lightweight clubs for players with moderate swing speed who value high-tech performance. Consisting of a driver ($699.99), fairway woods ($399.99 each), hybrids ($325 each), and forged irons ($325 per club), the Epic Flash Star woods and Epic Forged irons are definitely extremely premium looking sticks but are actually more substance than “flash.” Check out the entire family below to see if any or all might fit your game.

Epic Flash Star driver

Offered in 10.5, 12, and 13-degree options to help moderate swingers achieve optimum launch angle, the Epic Flash Star driver features Callaway’s new Flash Face design developed using AI to maximize speed on hits across the entire clubface. Jailbreak Technology, which stiffens the clubhead to further enhance ball speed by connecting the sole and crown with two internal bars, is also part of the impressive tech. The CG location is located low and deep in the clubhead for more forgiveness and playability via a new lightweight T2X triaxial carbon crown making the Epic Flash Star about as advanced as any Callaway driver available today.

The new Callaway Epic Flash Star driver.
The new Callaway Epic Flash Star driver.
Courtesy of Callaway

Other features that contribute to the Epic Flash Star’s speed-improving lightweight design include an extremely lightweight 30g UST Mamiya ATTAS Speed graphite shaft and a Golf Pride JL00 30g grip. All told the new driver is approximately 50g (266g vs. 316g) lighter than the standard Epic Flash driver, not only improving swing speed and launch but also improving the chances of solid contact.

Epic Flash Star fairway woods and hybrids

Available in 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11-wood models the Epic Flash Star fairways feature many of the same speed and launch enhancing technologies as the driver, including Jailbreak and a lightweight T2C triaxial carbon crown for a lower CG and more forgiveness. Callaway’s Face Cup design also promotes more ball speed and improved performance on shots across the entire clubface. 40g UST Mamiya ATTAS Speed graphite shafts and lightweight Golf Pride grips also come standard.

The new Callaway Epic Flash Star fairway wood.
Courtesy of Callaway

Hybrids are a key element in any moderate swingers’ bag (or should be!), and the Epic Flash Star utilities are just as impressive as the new line’s driver and fairways. Available in 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8-hybrids to make iron replacement a breeze, the new model features ultra-thin Carpenter 455 steel clubfaces with Face Cup technology for faster speeds and longer distance as well as MIM’ed tungsten weighting for an extremely low CG location and improved forgiveness. 40g and 50g versions of the aforementioned ATTAS Speed graphite shafts come stock as do lightweight JL00 or J200 Golf Pride grips.

A peek at the technology in the new Callaway Epic Flash Star hybrid.
Courtesy of Callaway

Epic Forged Star irons

Like the new Epic Forged irons, the Star version features an ultra-premium forged design that will appeal to moderate speed players who value hi-tech performance in a very pretty package but at a lighter overall weight. As is the case in the Epic Forged iron design, the Epic Forged Star is built using suspended tungsten core technology that incorporates a MIM’ed tungsten weight encapsulated in a polyurethane package and suspended in urethane microspheres to absorb vibration and produce outstanding feel at impact without slowing down face flex or ball speed.

The new Callaway Epic Forged Star iron.
Courtesy of Callaway

Other features of the Epic Forged Star irons include 360 face cup for improved speed and performance across the entire clubface, strong lofts and optimized CG locations, and a new VFT (variable face thickness) design for optimized spin rates in the long- and mid-irons. Lightweight UST Mamiya ATTAS graphite shafts (40g-50g) and lightweight Golf Pride grips round out the ultra-premium package. The Epic Forged Star irons are also available in a women’s set with optimized lofts for slower swingers.

All Epic Flash Star and Forged Star clubs will be available at retail on August 2nd.

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