The driver Bryson DeChambeau is using to dominate golf

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Bryson's Cobra King Speedzone driver is one of the hottest clubs in the industry.

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Bryson DeChambeau appears to be on the cusp of fundamentally altering golf as we know it. With a massive new physique, absurd swing speed and overpowering distance off the tee, DeChambeau has become must-watch TV. His performance at the Rocket Mortgage Classic only confirmed what we already knew — with 400-yard drives, all he needs to do is putt well, and he’s in position to contend at nearly every PGA Tour event. Heck, forget about just the PGA Tour – oddsmakers now have the 26-year-old as a major championship favorite in 2020. His game is mesmerizing, it’s different, and it just plain works.

While DeChambeau’s performance is certainly reflective of the changes he’s made to his body over the past six months, some credit belongs to the equipment setup that’s allowed him the freedom and forgiveness to swing for the fences. Ultimately, regardless of the beefiness of your build, the club is still responsible for doing the work.

DeChambeau’s Cobra King Speedzone driver is one of golf’s hottest new clubs, featuring a bold, black-and-yellow design to supplement some of the industry’s most innovative tech. The CNC-milled face and infinity design are built to provide golfers with optimal forgiveness and accuracy, a pair of keys that led Bryson to add the Speedzone to his bag immediately following its release. It should come as no surprise, given DeChambeau’s usage, but the Speedzone is a driver for people who love to tee it high and let it fly, not for those just praying to find the fairway.

But truly, the Speedzone’s biggest attribute (for both bombers like Bryson and Average Joes) is its ball speed retention. In robot testing conducted for GOLF’s ClubTest issue, the Speedzone produced nearly identical ball speeds on center-face impacts as it did on shots struck off the toe. For those in the pursuit of Bryson-like distance, that forgiveness can go a LONG way (and make your drives do the same).

Cobra King SpeedZone

The Speedzone Driver features a traditional shape with front-to-back CG adjustability. It has also drawn inspiration from Formula 1 race cars. Cobra has enhanced six zones for performance, so the player can experience the feeling of driving at top speed. Just like an engine that creates horsepower, the driver face creates ball speed. Golf’s first CNC-milled Infinity Face increases the milled area by 95 percent and expands the zone of maximum ball speed. Sixty-nine grams of mass are positioned as low as possible to create the most efficient transfer of energy to the ball for high launch with low spin.

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