Costco’s $499 Kirkland Signature irons sold out in just hours

Costco kirkland irons surprise golfers

Kirkland Signature irons feature a polymer filled hollow body design

Big-box retailer Costco again sent gear nerds into a frenzy Saturday by selling out of their highly anticipated Kirkland Signature players’ irons in just a matter of a few hours.

The Kirkland Signature irons are the second of a wave of three new Costco golf-product releases; the first was a yellow version of its Kirkland golf ball, which was released in September, and the third is a yet-to-be-released adjustable driver, which was spotted on the USGA conforming list last month.

The Kirkland Signature iron set goes 4-iron to pitching wedge.
Costco Kirkland Signature driver hits USGA conforming club list. Are store shelves next?
By: Ryan Barath

How fast did the Kirkland Signature irons sell out?

Like many Costco offerings, the irons unassumingly made their way to its website the morning of Dec. 9;’s Fully Equipped Instagram account posted about the irons’ availability, and soon after several other social-media accounts picked up the news. By around 3 p.m. ET, the irons had sold out in both of their available configurations (stiff or regular flex in right-handed).

With some rough math — calculated thanks in part to a leaked internal slide which showed that Costco had an initial buy of $2 million worth of iron sets, with the sets selling for $500 ($499 to be exact) — that means Costco likely sold around 4,000 sets in five hours. Not too shabby for clubs with no paid advertising or player endorsements.

Kirkland Signature irons technology

An inside look at the Kirkland Signature players irons.
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By: Ryan Barath

Although the full technical details are limited to a single sentence on Costco’s website, the irons feature a hollow urethane-injected, stainless steel body and face with internal tungsten weighting to increase forgiveness and playability. There is no indication that the face is made of a different type of stronger or lighter variation of stainless steel to help with distance or forgiveness, but it’s possible.

This hollow foam/urethane-filled construction is similar to many other irons in the player’s distance category, including the TaylorMade P790 and PXG 0311 series irons, with the difference being both of those companies utilize proprietary construction methods.

Price, specs, availability

The irons are priced at $499 on but, as mentioned, are currently sold out. This spike in demand and curiosity already has some resellers taking to eBay and asking as much as $1,099 for a set of the clubs that were limited to two orders per member.

The shafts in the set are True Temper Elevate MPH 115 and come in stiff and regular flex; the clubs are gripped with Lamkin Crossline 360s.

Kirkland Signature players irons specs

Much like with the previous wedges and golf balls from Costco, we don’t expect these irons to be a limited release, and they could be back in stock sooner rather than later.

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