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Controversial ball company that clashed with the USGA has filed for bankruptcy

December 21, 2017

“And I’ll be playing the Polara Ultimate Straight. Two dots.”

It’s a first tee utterance you’ll be hearing less now that Polara, the company that infamously made golf balls with an irregular (and controversial) dimple design, has officially filed for bankruptcy. This comes via a report from the Washington Business Journal. According to the report, Polara currently owned less than $1 million in assets, with nearly $3 million in liabilities.

You may recall the popular ball that debuted in the 70s. The different design helped players limit their slicing tee shots as long as they lined it up properly. To no surprise, that caught the eye of the USGA, and the governing body ruled Polara’s balls illegal to use in sanctioned events.

Also to no surprise, that decision led to a lawsuit, in which Polara was eventually awarded $1.4 million by the USGA to simply take the ball off the market. Popularity for the ball surged again in the 2000s when it was purchased by a new company, Aero-X Golf, but come 2018, various debts — like to a past exec and a Taiwanese manufacturing company — have piled up without consistent sales to meet them. You can read the entire report here.