Collin Morikawa puts new putter in play at the Presidents Cup

Collin morikawa putter Taylormade

Collin Morikawa's new TaylorMade putter for the Presidents Cup.


Collin Morikawa isn’t afraid to make a putter change if things aren’t working, and this week at the Presidents Cup he showed up with a new TaylorMade Soto blade in the bag.

According to TaylorMade, Morikawa made the switch after a recent trip to The Kingdom — TaylorMade’s tour testing and fitting facility — to take a look at his putting stroke ahead of the biannual matches.

We checked in with TaylorMade to get the lowdown on Collin’s switch.

“We had two TP Soto putters prepared for him after conversations we’ve had with him over the last few months regarding his putter and recent setup changes,” said Bucky Coe, a Tour putter representative for TaylorMade. “One model had the sight line and the other had the sight dot. In the lab we identified the visual he prefers to help in his alignment which is the chrome Hydro Blast finish and sight dot. It’s going to free up his alignment a little bit and make it all about feel. Compared to previous putters that have been in Collin’s bag (TP Juno), the Soto has more toe hang and with the flow neck hosel it promotes more natural face rotation.”

It just goes to show that even the best in the world need an adjustment once in a while to help change the focus while standing over the ball. We’ll find out soon if the new alignment helps on Quail Hollow’s tricky greens.

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